Democracy, Business and Human Well-Being

The purpose of this project is to investigate how the interaction between democratic institutions and the economy affects well-being. The programme's research activity – conducted both at the theoretical and at the empirical level – is characterized by an interdisciplinary perspective grounded on a unitary methodological approach based upon the rational choice model, the analysis of institutions and the assessment of relevant case studies. Besides research, the project is deeply committed to consulting and dissemination. It has undertaken advisory activities for many institutional bodies, such as Rome's Chamber of Commerce and the Italian Treasury, also in collaboration with private consulting firms.

Project leaders: Sebastiano Bavetta, University of Palermo/CPNSS; Pietro Navarra, University of Messina/CPNSS

Duration of the Project: Ongoing


Professor Pierluigi Barrotta, University of Pisa (Italy)

Ms. Margherita Bottero, Stockholm University (Sweden)

Dr. Dario Maimone (University of Messina)


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The project organizes academic events as well as lectures on topics related to its aims. The latest activity organized by the project is a series of five seminars to present the latest findings on the empirical measurement of autonomy freedom and its political economy consequences.



Liberty Fund

American Enterprise Institute

Cato Institute

LSE – Government Department

American and European Public Choice Society

Società Italiana di Economia Pubblica


Australian National University

Social Choice and Welfare Society

Public Economic Theory Society

University of Pisa, Scuola S. Anna