Decision under Conflict

This is an interdisciplinary project, which grows out of a number of projects underway at CPNSS. The central question that it tackles is the problem of how to arrive at rational, effective and legitimate decisions when different relevant voices speak for different outcomes, or when it is not clear what specific result a voice speaks for. It is concerned with conflict -- conflict of interests, of values and points of view, and of evidence, both separately and together, and with how conflict is to be resolved in a rational and justified manner.

The research already under way at CPNSS that contributes to this new initiative includes the following projects: Contingency and Dissent in Science; Darwin@LSE; Evidence for Use; The Choice Group; and Voting Power and Procedures.

Project leaders: Rom Harré, LSE

Duration of the Project: Ongoing


Damien Fennell, LSE; Nancy Cartwright, LSE; Helena Cronin, LSE; Eleonora Montuschi, LSE; Jeremy Hardie, LSE; Christian List, LSE; Richard Bradley, LSE; Moshe Machover, LSE; Rudy Fara, LSE.