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New projects

PI will expand activities in two main areas

Archival Video Series
Production of comprehensive video series on the work of the following has been agreed: Noam Chomsky, Daniel Dennett, Sir Michael Dummett, Ronald Dworkin, Hilary Putnam, John Searle and the Nobel Laureates, Kenneth Arrow and Amartya Sen.

Introduction to Philosophy
Initial planning has started on the pre-production of a multimedia entry-level introduction to philosophy based on a video/TV series. The project aims to present in a non-technical manner a comprehensive introduction the subject. The intended audience level is first-year college student/interested layman - similar to the audience profile of public broadcast services worldwide.

Each program in the series will last approximately one-hour and will exploit computer graphics, diagrams and illustrations as well as enlisting major philosophers. The primary emphasis will be on clear, jargon-free communication. An advisory group of philosophers has been assembled to determine the content and level of the series.