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Using the videos

Where the video series are located and how accessible they are will play a major role in how they are used. Feedback from many users of our series indicates that budget-size is the factor which most determines where the series will be located.

Philosophy departments with considerable budgets and video equipment may locate the videos in the department where they can be used for classroom, seminar or small group presentations, or for individual borrowing or viewing on site. In other institutions, the library is the usual location and lecturers may book the videos for class use, while students may view them in the library or borrow them for personal study.

Note each series is accompanied by a comprehensive Series Guide (the Strawson Program has a complete transcript) which can be photocopied for student handouts. The guide is also useful for planning in advance the sections of the video to be viewed.

Classroom/Seminar Presentations

How the material is integrated for use in the class will depend upon syllabus and particular course requirements. The suitability of any program, or program section, can best be determined by the lecturer by first reading the content of the program from the Guide and then previewing the pertinent areas of the videos. In more advanced courses, where time permits, sections may be viewed and then discussed either immediately afterwards or in a following class. Students may also view the material in their own time, singly or in small groups where facilities permit, and the discussion can then follow under the instructor’s supervision.

Seminars with prominent guest discussants featuring selections from the video series are conspicuous events on the calendar of the Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science at the LSE. Please contact us if you would like to receive invitations and information about the seminars.

Review, Reference and Research

Wherever it is decided to locate the series, these will provide a source of rich and salient discussion and argument on the major areas of philosophy. The way in which philosophical themes interconnect is demonstrated to particular advantage in the setting of face-to-face discussion. And most importantly, for the individual enterprises of review, reference and research, the student may proceed at her own pace.