Summer Term 2009

6th May 

David Makinson (LSE) 

Logical Questions behind the Lottery and Preface Paradoxes: Lossy Rules for Uncertain Inference

20th May

Hilary Greaves (Oxford) 

Cognitive Decision Theory

28-30 May 

Preference Change Workshop| 

3rd June 

Samir Okasha (Bristol) 

Individuals, Groups, Fitness and Utility: Levels of Selection meets Social Choice Theory

8th - 9th June 

CPNSS Graduate Conference "Philosophy of Probability II"|, with keynote speakers Alan Hájek (ANU), Katie Steele (LSE) and Jo Wolff (UCL)

15th - 17th June 

DGL09: Third Workshop in Decisions, Games & Logic

24th June 

Ivan Moscati (Bocconi and LSE) 

Interactive and Common Knowledge in the State-Space Model

1st July 

Jesus Zamora (Madrid) 

Science: the Rules of the Game

Lent Term 2009

21st January 

Richard Bradley (LSE) 

Revising Incomplete Attitudes

28th January  

Franz Dietrich (LSE and Maastricht) and Christian List (LSE) 

Non-Informational Preference Change

4th February  

Wulf Gaertner (Osnabrueck and LSE) 

Reference-Dependent Rankings of Sets in Characteristics Space

11th February 

Elliott Sober (University of Wisconsin - Madison) 

What is Darwin's Theory?" or "Did Darwin Write the Origin Backwards?

12th-14th February 

LSE-Groningen Workshop Part I and Comte Lectures|

18th February  

No seminar  

25th February 

Philippe Mongin (CNRS and HEC Paris) 

A Game-Theoretic Analysis of the Waterloo Campaign and Some Comments on the Analytic Narrative Project

4th March  

Ivan Moscati (Bocconi and LSE) 

Random behavior and the as-if defense of rational choice theory: experimental and computational evidence (with Paola Tubaro)

11th March  

Joint Seminar with CDAM - LSE Department of Mathematics

Jacques Duparc (HEC Lausanne)   

Infinite Games and the Foundations of Mathematics

with pre-talk: 14-00 till 15-30 (T206) on "Logic and Games" 

18th March 

Christian W. Bach (HEC Lausanne and LSE) and Conrad Heilmann (LSE) 

Intrapersonal Connectedness and Backward Induction

25th March

Michael Root (Minnesota) 

Belief Based on Testimony

Michaelmas Term 2008

13th September 

Workshop on "Responsibility and Social Justice"|

15th September 

Jan Libich (La Trobe) 

Stochastic Timing of Moves in Games

1st October  

Wlodek Rabinowicz (Lund) 

Objective Consequentialism in an Indeterministic World

8th October   

Natalie Gold (Edinburgh) and Daniel Harbour (Queen Mary) 

Cognitive Primitives of Collective Intentions

15th October   

Marc Fleurbaey (Paris Descartes / LSE) 

Universal Social Orderings

22nd October  

Katie Steele (LSE) 

Assessing Rival Decision Theories in the Sequential-Choice Setting

29th October   

Roman Frigg (LSE) 

Models and Fiction

5th November

Franz Dietrich (Maastricht/LSE)

Preference Change in Terrorists

12th November   

Harald Nax (Oxford) 

Cooperation in Multiple Spheres of Interaction

19th November 

No seminar

21st/22nd November

Workshop "The Economy of the Soul: Rational Choice and Moral Decision-Making"|

26th November  

Anna Rubinchik (Colorado) 

Intergenerational Equity and the Discount Rate for Cost-benefit Analysis (with Jean-François Mertens)

3rd December 

Luc Bovens (LSE) 

The Ethics of Nudge

10th December

Marc Fleurbaey (Paris Descartes / LSE) and Francois Maniquet (Louvain) 

On fair income taxation