Summer Term 2008

7th May 

Klaus Nehring (UC Davis) 

Intersubjective Bayesian Rationality and Common Priors

14th May 

Greg B Davies (UCL and Barclays Wealth) 

Reconciling Normative and Behavioural Preferences: Determining a Basis for Action

28th May 

Brian Barry (LSE) 

Hume and Convention

4th June 

Conrad Heilmann (LSE) 

Representing Discounting

11th June 

Double Session on Evolutionary Theory  

Peter Sozou (LSE) 

An evolutionary basis for social discounting

Georgy Koentges (Warwick) 

Decision making processes in genomes: deciphering the logic of biological information flow

18th June 

Alex Voorhoeve (LSE) 

An Empirical Test of Similarity-Based Decision-Making in Interpersonal Allocation Decisions: Preliminary Results

25th June 

Jason Alexander (LSE) 

Local Interactions and the Dynamics of Rational Deliberation

30th June - 2nd July    

DGL08: Second Workshop in Decisions, Games & Logic

Lent Term 2008

9th January 

Alan Carter (Glasgow) 

A Plurality of Values

16th January 

Franz Dietrich (Maastricht & LSE) 

Merging Probabilistic Opinions

23rd January 

Martijn Boot (Oxford) 

Rationally Justified Choice

30th January 

John Worrall (LSE) 

Randomised Control Trials

13th February 

Nick Baigent (Graz) 


20th February 

Christian List (LSE) 

Non-Reductive Physicalism and the Limits of the Exclusion Principle

27th February 

Wlodek Rabinowicz (Lund) 

Presumption of Equality

5th March 

Hillel Steiner (Manchester) 

Exploitation Takes Time

12th March 

Robin Hanson (George Mason) 

Shall we Vote on Values but Bet on Beliefs?

Michaelmas Term 2007

17th October 

Larissa Conradt (Sussex) 

Group Decision Making in Animals

24th October 

Mike Otsuka (UCL) and Alex Voorhoeve (LSE) 

Why it Matters that Some Are Worse Off than Others

31st October 

Mark Johnson (Tulane) 

Algebraic Complexity for Economics

7th November 

Marc Fleurbaey (ParisV/LSE) 

Weighted Majority and Democratic Theory

14th November

Mike Redmayne (LSE) 

Standards of Proof

21st November

Richard Bradley (LSE) 

Interpersonal Comparisons of Utilities

28th November 

Bertil Tungodden (Bergen) 

The tyranny of non-aggregation versus the tyranny of aggregation in social choices: a real dilemma

5th December 

David Makinson (LSE) 

Propositional Relevance through Letter-Sharing: Review and Contribution