Summer 2007

18th - 20th July    

DGL07: First Workshop in Decisions, Games and Logic

25th July 

Kai Spiekermann (LSE) 

Interacting Brains: The Dynamics of Beliefs among Deliberating Agents

1st August 

Katie Steele (University of Sydney) 

Consensus versus Compromise in Group Decision-Making

8th August 

Franz Dietrich (Maastricht & LSE) 

Models of Preference Change

13th September 

Graham Oddie (Boulder) 

The Compatibility of Content and Likeness Accounts of Verisimilitude

Summer Term 2007

25th April 

Wulf Gaertner (Osnabrueck & LSE) 

Equity, Responsibility and the Cultural Dimension

2nd May 

Christian List (LSE) 

Group Deliberation and the Transformation of Judgments: an Impossibility Result

9th May 

Luc Bovens (LSE) 

Dutch Books, Group Decision-Making, the Tragedy of the Commons and Strategic Jury Voting

16th May 

Wlodek Rabinowicz (Lund) 

Value Relations

23rd May 

Richard Bradley (LSE) 

Representing Preference Change

24th May 

Bob Stalnaker (MIT) 

Counterfactuals and Dispositions in Games

30th May 

Mariam Thalos (Utah) 

Motivating Anti-Individualistic Foundations for Decision Theory

6th June 

Symposium on Transitivity of Preferences    

Paul Anand (Open University) 

The Rationality of Intransitive Preference: An Update

Alex Voorhoeve (LSE) 

Transitivity and similarity-based decision making

13th June 

Stuart Yasgur (LSE) 

The Money Pump and the Justification of the Transitivity Condition

27th June 

Jason Alexander (LSE) 

From Each According to His Ability': The Evolution of Respect for Needs

Lent Term 2007

17th January 

Franz Dietrich (Maastricht & LSE) 

On the informational basis of social welfare judgments

24th January 

Kai Spiekermann (LSE) 

Mind-reading and morality: How translucent agents solve n-person prisoner's dilemmas

5th February 

Francesco Guala (Essex) 

Designing Markets (Philosophy and Public Policy Seminar Series)

14th February 

Mauro Rossi (LSE) 

The meaning and measurement of preference satisfaction

21th February 

Wulf Gaertner (Osnabrueck) 

To Be or not To Be Involved: A Questionnaire-Experimental View on Harsanyi's Utilitarian Ethics

28th February 

James Joyce (Michigan, Ann Arbor) 

Problems for Causal Decision Theory?

5th March 

Serena Olsaretti (Cambridge) 

The consequences of choice (Philosophy and Public Policy Seminar Series)

7th March 

Cheryl Schonhardt-Bailey (LSE) 

Policy Shaping Politics: Monetary Policy Deliberations in Congressional Hearings

14th March 

Naoki Yoshihara (Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo) 

On Initial Conferment of Individual Rights

Michaelmas Term 2006

4th October 

Franz Dietrich (Maastricht & LSE) 

Possibilities and Restrictions in Collective Decision-Making

11th October 

Alex Voorhoeve (LSE) 

A Critical Examination of the Complaint Model

18th October 

Christian List, Franz Dietrich and Richard Bradley (LSE) 

Aggregating Causal Judgements

25th October 

Ken Binmore (UCL) 

Making Decisions in Large Worlds

9th November 

Alvin I. Goldman (Rutgers) 

Rationality of Judgment: Epistemological and Psychological Perspectives

13th November 

Andrew Halpin (Swansea) 

Disproving the Coase Theorem?

15th November 

Clemens Puppe (Karlsruhe) 

Diversity as the Metric of Opportunity

22nd November 

Double session    

Zsuzsanna Chappell (LSE) 

Justifying Deliberative Democracy: Epistemic and Procedural Considerations

Kai Spiekermann (LSE) 

Sorting out Your Neighbourhood: Prisoner's Dilemmas on Dynamic Networks

28th/29th November 

Jon Elster (Ecole de France) 

"Disinterestedness in Politics" Comte Lectures

4th December 

David Estlund (Brown) 

Democratic Authority: An Overview