Lent Term 2006

11th January 

Marc Fleurbaey (CNRS) 

Luck, Insurance and Fairness

18th January 

Shepley Orr (UCL) 

Individual Characteristics, Risk taking and Anomalies

8th February 

Symposium on the Evolution of Justice  

Ken Binmore (UCL) 

Natural Justice

Jason Alexander (LSE) 

Artificial Virtue

15th February 

Michael Mandler (Royal Holloway) 

Strategies as states: how to incorporate and eliminate paradoxes in decision theory

22nd February 

Jake Chandler (KCL) 

Solving the Tacking Problem with Contrast Classes

1st March 

Marco Mariotti (QML) 

Justified Choice Behaviour

8th March 

Matthew Braham (Hamburg) 


15th March 

Miriam Teschl (Cambridge) 

Preference Change and Personal Identity

Michaelmas 2005

12th October 

Keith Dowding (LSE) 

Externalism, Expensive Tastes and Equality

19th October 

Greg B Davies (Decision Technologies) 

Rethinking Risk: Aspirations as Pure Risk Attitude

26th October 

Gauthier Symposium  

Philipp Beckmann (LSE) 

There is no constrained maximization

Zoë Gilbert (Bristol) 

Transforming Constrained Maximizers

2nd November 

Richard Bradley (LSE) 

The Limits of Pareto Unanimity

9th November 

Ivan Moscati (Bocconi) 

Models of Common Knowledge

16th November

Sebastiano Bavetta (Palermo) 

Autonomy, Freedom and Preference for Redistribution

23rd November 

Mauro Rossi (LSE) 

Interpersonal Comparisons of Utility

30th November

Jason Alexander (LSE) 


2nd December    

Workshop on Rationality and Normative Economics|

7th December 

Luc Bovens (LSE) 

Degressive Proportionality in a Federal Assembly: An Argument from Cartel Formation