Project Members


Jason Alexander| (Philosophy, LSE) works in evolutionary game theory, the conceptual foundations of decision theory, and philosophy of the social sciences.


Nick Baigent| (Economics, Graz and Philosophy, LSE) is interested in individual and social choice theory and is currently working on Expressive and Identity based choice, and violent conflict.


Luc Bovens| (Philosophy, LSE) works on the philosophy of public policy and on Bayesian epistemology. Recently, he has been researching responsibility-sharing in EU Asylum Policies.


Richard Bradley| (Philosophy, LSE) specializes in decision theory and hypothetical reasoning. He is currently writing a book entitled "Decision Theory with a Human Face".



Christian List| (Government and Philosophy, LSE) works on group decision-making, especially the theory of judgement aggregation, group deliberation and group agency.


Mike Otsuka| (Philosophy, LSE) is interested in the morality of imposing risks, harming, and saving from harm; prioritarianism, egalitarianism, and the separateness of persons; and moral dilemmas and moral luck.


Kai Spiekermann| (Government, LSE) works on normative and positive questions in political philosophy and social choice theory. He specializes in agent-based modeling.


Katie Steele| (Philosophy, LSE) specializes in decision theory and philosophy of statistics. Recently, she has been working on evidence in relation to climate change.


Alex Voorhoeve| (Philosophy, LSE) works on moral decision making and equality. His book "Conversations on Ethics" appeared with Oxford University Press in 2009.


Gabriel Wollner| (Philosophy, LSE) is interested in political philosophy and ethics, and the application of these inquiries to various issues in public policy.


PhD Students

  • Goreti Faria: rational and social choice theory, game theory.  
  • Johannes Himmelreich: collective behaviour and intentionality; philosophy of mind and action. 
  • Alexandru Marcoci: decision theory and formal epistemology.
  • Silvia Milano: rational choice theory, individual and group agency.
  • Mantas Radzvilas: (evolutionary) game theory, decision theory and philosophy of economics.
  • Hlynur Orri Stefánsson: decision theory and formal epistemology, counterfactuals, philosophy of science and economics, and moral philosophy.
  • Stuart Theobald: philosophical problems in finance theory, including probability, performativity and social ontology.   

Choice Group Associates


The LSE Choice Group comprises philosophers, political scientists and economists with a shared interest in rational decision-making and the application of rational choice theory to questions both in philosophy and in the social sciences.