Max Steuer

Max Steuer is a founding member of the Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science. He is the editor of the LSE Philosopher Papers Series, which has replaced the Centre Discussion Paper Series.  The prior series consisted of over eighty publications. He currently is Reader Emeritus and joined the Economics Department at the London School of Economics in 1959. His publications include Mathematical Sociology (with Janet Holland), The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on the United Kingdom (Steuer and The Scientific Study of Society. His current research interests are in the privatisation of United Kingdom Air Traffic Control, and in the methodology of practicing economists. He is a regular participant in the Centre's 'Work in Progress' group studying aspects of evolutionary theory. He teaches on the M.Sc. Economics and Philosophy. Project: The Role of Assumptions in Scientific Investigation More information: LSE Experts Contact details: Room LAK 5.02 (Lakatos Building), 020 7955 7521, email