Jeremy Hardie

Jeremy Hardie was until 1975 an academic economist, and then until 1999 in business and public life in a variety of companies and institutions in Britain. He is now a Research Associate at the CPNSS. Drawing on his experience outside academia his research concentrates on the relationship between rationalist theories of deciding, and the role of intuition, judgment, expertise and emotion. This work spans theories of practical reason, the insights of experimental psychology, and the practicalities of decision making in business and government. Its main focus is on the conflict between the need for accountability and transparency in public life and the complexity of how decisions are made, which cannot be reduced even ex post facto to the operation of systematic, explicit, rational procedures. Project: Rationality, Transparency and Accountability  Contact details: email    Peter Sozou works mostly in theoretical biology. Much of his work has a close connection to economic theory. His recent work includes problems concerned with discounting the future, ageing, and signalling in courtship.   More information: Personal Webpage Contact details: Room KGS 2.02 (Kings Cambers), 020 7955-7085 email