Project objectives

  • To extend the structuralist analysis of scientific theory change through collaborative research, building on the work of authors who have already conducted case studies on structuralism

  • To provide a forum for, and stimulate, discussion on structuralism. A study group has been established which began meeting regularly in Winter 2001. Among our priorities is to generate a mailing list that will foster close communication between interested members from around the world. More long term plans may include organising conferences

  • To set up an archive consisting of articles related to the study of structuralism. This material will be kept in the Centre but could also eventually be placed in the British Library of Political and Economic Science (BLPES)

  • To make information about the project readily accessible to the general public via our website. The website will include an up to date bibliography of items on this subject and possibly unpublished papers by our members

For further information please contact Ioannis Votsis|