Conference: Structural Realism and Newman's Problem

The conference concentrated on topics such as Newman's problem, Putnam's model-theoretic argument against realism, structural realism (SR) and theories of reference and ontic vs epistemic SR.

  • Saturday, March 23rd 2002
  • Venue: LSE, St Clement's Building, S75

Conference schedule

10-10:30am Registration/ tea and coffee
10:30-11:40am The Structuralist Conception of Objects (Anjan Chakravartty, Cambridge University)
11:40am-1:10pm In Defence of Ontic Structural Realism (James Ladyman, Bristol University)
Reason, Reference and the Quest for Objects (Steven French, Leeds University)
1:10-2pm Lunch break
2-3:10pm Exemplification, Application and Structure (Jeffrey Ketland, Kings College London)
3:10-4:20pm Structural Realism and Ramseyfication: Responding to Newman and Putnam (John Worrall, LSE & Elie Zahar, LSE Emeritus)
4:20-4:40pm Tea and coffee break
4:40-6pm Panel discussion (all the named speakers and Michael Redhead, LSE)
6pm End of programme

Sponsors: Centre for Philosophy of the Natural and Social Sciences (CPNSS), British Society for the Philosophy of Science (BSPS)

Organisers: Professor John Worrall and Ioannis Votsis, LSE