Historical Perspectives on God's Order, Man's Order and the Order of Nature

March 4 - 6 2011

University of California at San Diego


Marilyn Adams (North Carolina-Chapel Hill), Powers versus Laws: God and Nature in Aquinas, Scotus and Oakham

Robert Adams (North Carolina-Chapel Hill), Power, Cause and Law in Malebranche's Occasionalism

Karl Ameriks (Notre Dame), On Kant and Theodicy

Martha Bolton (Rutgers), Leibniz on Monadic Change

Andrew Chignall (Cornell), Kant and Leibniz on Miracles

Danel Garber (Princeton), Divine Laws and Divine Decrees: Laws of Nature in Descartes and Leibniz

Desmond Hogan (Princeton), Kantian Optimism

Steve Nadler (Wisconsin, Madison), The Order of nature and Moral Luck: Maimonides on Divine Providence

Donald Rutherford (UCSD), Laws and Powers in Leibniz

Eric Watkins (UCSD), Kant on Man, God and the Order of Nature

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