The Governance of Nature

27/28 October 2010 at CPNSS

Historical Views of Governance and Order

Dennis Deschene Law, Order and Formal Conditions of Wisdom in the late 17th Century

Peter Harrison The Invisible Hand and the Order of Nature|

Eleonora Montuschi Order of Man, Order of Nature: Francis Bacon's Idea of a 'Dominion' over Nature|

Laws of Nature and their Alternatives

Jonathan Cohen Special Sciences, Conspiracy and the Better Best System Account of Lawhood

Robin Hendry Dependence and Novelty

Stephen Mumford A Powerful Theory of Nature

Towfic Shomar Causation and Order in Islamic Kalam

Laws and Evolutionary Science

Chris Haufe Darwin's Laws|

John Hedley Brooke Darwin on Law and Order and God|

Eric Desjardins Is there a Role for Stability and Laws in Managing Imbalanced Ecosystems?