Discussion Papers


Year One (July 2009 - June 2010)


  1. God's Order, Man's Order and the Order of Nature Nancy Cartwright
  2. The Causal Autonomy of the Special Sciences Peter Mezies and Christian List
  3. Laws of Nature, Moral Order and the Intelligibility of the Cosmos  Peter Harrison
  4. A Sketch of How Agents Enter the World of Events Tim Mawson  
  5. Rerum Concordia Discors: Robustness and Discordant Multimodal Evidence Jacob Stegenga
  6. Rethinking Free Will: New Perspectives on an Ancient Problem Robert Kane
  7. Free Will, Laws of Physics and Contexts Robert Bishop
  8. Special Sciences, Conspiracy and the Better Best System Account of Lawhood Craig Callender and Jonathan Cohen  
  9. Who's Afraid of Nagelian Reduction? Foad Dizadji-Bahman, Roman Frigg, Stephen Hartmann
  10. Confirmation and Reduction Foad Dizadji-Bahman, Roman Frigg, Stephen Hartmann
  11. Beyond Reduction: What can Philosophy of Mind learn from Post-Reductionist Philosophy of Science? Steven Horst
  12. Avoiding Neurobiological Reductionism: The Role of Downward Causation in Complex Systems Nancey Murphy
  13. Cooperation, Conflicts and Compromise Jordi Cat
  14. The Diversity of Powers Rom Harre
  15. Laws of Nature and Branching Spacetime Storrs McCall
  16. Free Will and Two Accounts of Natural Laws StevenHorst  
  17. The Hodge Podge of Nature Nancy Cartwright

Year Two (July 2010 - June 2011)

  1. God as a Natural Cause: John Polkinghorne and the NIODA project Ignacio A. Silva
  2. Queen Physics: What is the Stretch of her Domain? Nancy Cartwright
  3. Physicalism and the Part-Whole Relation, Andreas Huttemann
  4. What, precisely, is meant by 'the Economy'? Margaret Schabas
  5. Theological Attitudes to Naturalism Keith Ward
  6. Analysis of Theories and Synthesis of Models Jordi Cat, Thom Gennaro
  7. The Invisible Hand and the Laws of Nature Peter Harrison
  8. Darwin on Law, Order - and God John Hedley Brooke
  9. Laws impressed on Matter by the Creator? John Hedley Brooke
  10. A Philosopher's Perspective on Anthropic Fine Tuning Tim Mawson
  11. Order, Disorder, Noise Eleonora Montuschi
  12. Darwin's Laws Chris Haufe
  13. Natural Laws and Divine Agency in the Later Seventeenth Century Dennis Des Chene
  14. Order of Man, Order of Nature: Francis Bacon's idea of 'dominion' over Nature Eleonora Montuschi
  15. Complexity, Contextual Emergence and Causation Robert Bishop
  16. Excluding the Causal Exclusion Argument against Nonreductive Physicalism Robert Bishop
  17. Will this Policy work for You? PSA Address Nancy Cartwright
  18. Mind, Brain and Downward Causation Carlos Moya
  19. Localizing Cognitive Operations in Parts of Dynamically Active Brains William Bechtel
  20. Identity, Reduction and Conserved Mechanisms: Perspectives from Circadian Rythm Research William Bechtel
  21. Causation and Order in Islamic Kalam Towfic Shomar
  22. Polkinghorne and Cartwright on Pluralism and Metaphysics Eric Martin
  23. Powers versus Laws: God and the Order of Nature in Aquinas, Scotas and Ockham Marilyn McCord Adams
  24. Power, Cause and Law in Malebranche's Occasionalism Robert Merrihew Adams
  25. Kant and the End of Theodicy Karl Ameriks
  26. Leibniz on Monadic Change Martha Bolton
  27. Kant on Hoping for a Miracle Andrew Chignall
  28. Kant's Theory of Divine and Secondary Causation Desmond Hogan
  29. The Order of Nature and Moral Luck: Maimonides on Divine Providence Steven Nadler
  30. Laws and Powers in Leibniz Donald Rutherford
  31. Kant on Man, God and the Order of Nature Eric Watkins
  32. God, Belief and Explanation Michael Redhead

 Year Three (July 2011-June2012)

  1. The Doctrine of Creation: A Theological View of Science Robert Bishop
  2. God and Methodological Naturalism in the Scientific Revolution Robert Bishop
  3. Did Paley go Beyond Paley? John Hedley Brooke
  4. Maxwell's Scientific Metaphysics and Natural Philosophy of Action Jordi Cat
  5. Fluid Convection, Constraint and Causation Robert Bishop
  6. Classical Theism has No Implications for the Debate between Libertarianism and Compatibilism Tim Mawson
  7. Pluralism: A Curse or a Blessing for Social Order? Eleonora Montuschi
  8. The Principles of Continuity in Origins of Life Research Eric Martin
  9. Kant and the Order of Possibility Peter Yong

Year Four (July 2012-June2013)

  1. Natural Laws and Social Conventions: Exceptions as a Case Study Giulia Pravato
  2. Ordering Knowledge by Methodical Doubt: Francis Bacon's Constructive Scepticism   Eleonora Montuschi
  3. Late Feyerabend against Scientific Materialism Eric Martin



The Cambridge Companion to Science and Religion|, edited by Peter Harrison, reviewed by Russell ReManning, Cambridge

Free Will: A Guide for the Perplexed |Tim Mawson, reviewed by Michael Tiboris, UCSD

Laws, Mind and Free Will |Steven Horst, reviewed by Sophie Allen, Oxford

Related Publications by members of the Research Team

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The Order Project now hosts a database of scholarly work related to our topics of interest.  It is an ongoing active repository for recent work on subjects including laws of nature, ideas of governance in nature, causation, and emergence, from across the disciplines of philosophy of science, history of science, theology, history of philosophy, philosophy of physics,  philosophy of biology and philosophy of social sciences.