Measurement in Physics and Economics - Discussion Papers

Editor: Peter Dietsch|

  • Diagnosing Unemployment:The 'Classification' Approach to Multiple Causation
    Peter Rodenburg (DP MEAS 28/02) 
  • The Generalisation Argument and Mill's Utilitarianism
    Christoph Schmidt-Petri (DP MEAS 27/02) 
  • Measuring the Absolute: William Thomson and Temperature
    Hasok Chang, and Sang Wook Yi (DP MEAS 26/02) 
  • Models and Representation: Why Structures Are Not Enough
    Roman Frigg (DP MEAS 25/02)
  • Diagnosing Unemployment: The 'Classification' Approach to Multiple Causation
    Peter Rodenburg (DP MEAS 24/02)
  • Is Sen a 'Luck Egalitarian'?
    Peter Dietsch (DP MEAS 23/02)
  • Understanding Infrared Metaphysics: Melloni's Quest for Identity
    Sabina Leonelli (DP MEAS 22/02)
  • Preference Holism and Causal Structure
    Till Grüne (DP MEAS 21/02)
  • Professor Hendry's Econometric Methodology Reconsidered: Congruence and Structural Empiricism
    Hsiang-Ke Chao (DP MEAS 20/02)
  • Self-Organised Criticality - What It Is and What It Isn't
    Roman Frigg (DP MEAS 19/02)
  • From Theory to Measurement to Politics: Operationalising the Capability Approach to Well-Being,
    Makiko Harrison (DP MEAS 18/02)
  • Spirit, Air and Quicksilver: The Search for the "Real" Scale of Temperature 
    Hasok Chang (DP MEAS 17/02)
  • Freedom From the Inside Out  
    Carl Hoefer (DP MEAS 16/01)
  • Tracing the Changing Measures of Unemployment in Dutch Unemployment Statistics  
    Peter Rodenburg (DP MEAS 15/01*)
  • Natural Economic Quantities and Their Measurement  
    Julian Reiss (DP MEAS 14/01*)
  • Fisher's Instrumental Approach to Index Numbers  
    Marcel Boumans (DP MEAS 13/01*)
  • An Instrument Can Make a Science: Jevons's balancing acts in economics  
    Harro Maas (DP MEAS 12/01*)
  • Experiments Without Material Intervention: Model experiments, virtual experiments and virtually experiments  
    Mary S Morgan (DP MEAS 11/01*)
  • Measuring Causes: Invariance, modularity and the causal Markov condition  
    Nancy Cartwright (DP MEAS 10/00)
  • Milton Friedman and the Emergence of the Permanent Income Hypothesis  
    Hsiang-Ke Chao (DP MEAS 9/00*)
  • A Post-Data Interpretation of Neyman-Pearson Methods Based on a Conception of Severe Testing  
    Deborah G Mayo and Aris Spanos (DP MEAS 8/00)
  • Of Clouds and Statistics: Inferring causal structures from the data
    Harro Maas, University of Amsterdam (DP MEAS 7/99*)
  • Mechanical Rationality: Jevons and the making of economic man
    Harro Maas, University of Amsterdam 
    (DP MEAS 6/99*) 
  • Representation and Stability in Testing and Measuring Rational Expectations  
    Marcel Boumans, Univeristy of Amsterdam (DP MEAS 5/99*)
  • Wesley Mitchell's Grand Design and its Critics: The theory and measurement of business cycles
    Philip Epstein, LSE (DP MEAS 4/99*)
  • Economic Experiments as Mediators  
    Francesco Guala, LSE (DP MEAS 3/98)
  • The Relative Autonomy of Theory: Quantum measurements and real measurements  
    Marco Del Seta, California State University, Chico
    (DP MEAS 2/98)
  • The World According to Maxwell  
    Mathias Frisch, LSE (DP MEAS 1/98)

*published jointly with research memoranda in history and methodology of economics, Universiteit van Amsterdam