Measurement in physics and economics

The research project on measurement in physics and economics was launched in 1996. It is directed by Nancy Cartwright (LSE and University of California at San Diego), Hasok Chang (University College London), Carl Hoefer (LSE) and Mary Morgan (LSE and University of Amsterdam). The project supports discussion meetings and workshops with outside speakers during term time as well as its members' research activity.

The successful link between the research groups at LSE (Measurement in Physics and Economics) and at University of Amsterdam (History and Methodology of Economics) was again very fruitful this year thanks to a joint event arranged by the LSE branch of the group, various visits of individual members, the joint discussion paper series and a general sharing and coordination of research interest.

One of the major research topics of the Amsterdam group is to analyse strategies for successful measurement in economic science. This task covers both an analysis of the conditions (theoretical and practical) that are required for measurability (measurement in principle) of economic variables, and the development of criteria for good measurement formulas. Hasok Chang has made a pivotal contribution to the project by providing it with another link to the department of Science and Technology Studies, University College London.