Past activities


Lent Term 2005

Michaelmas Term 2004


'The Practice of Objectivity in the Natural and Social Sciences', CPNSS/Max Planck Institute for the History of science|, two-days workshop; CPNSS, 8-9 October 2003

Programme of speakers

I: Quantitative practices: statistics, introduced and chaired by Lorraine Daston
Speakers: Sarah Jansen, Dept. of the History of Science at Harvard, 'Defining Populations in Biology: from Herrings to Humans'; Gerd Gigerenzer (Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin): 'The flight from subjectivity: How statistical thinking ended up as a statistical ritual'
II: Qualitative Practices: fieldwork, introduced and chaired by Eleonora Montuschi
Speakers: Helen Macdonald, Dept of Hist. and Phil. of Science, Cambridge, 'Covert Naturalists'; Christopher Pinney, Dept. of Anthropology, University College London, 'Subjectivity: the new Objectivity'
III: Mixed Practices: Combining Evidence, introduced and chaired by Nancy Cartwright
Speakers: Naomi Oreskes, History Dept., UCSD, 'Proof, Persuasion and Public Policy: Three Examples from the History of the Earth and Environmental Sciences'; Michael Redmayne, Law Dept., LSE, 'Evidence and Proof in Courts of Law: Inference and Objectivity'.

'Reason and Values', organised by Eleonora Montuschi and Richard Bradley (research seminar, Philosophy Dept. LSE/CPNSS)

Programme Lent 2004

  • 22 January: Onora O'Neill (Cambridge): 'Theories of action and conceptions of practical reason' (discussant: R. Tuomela, Helsinki)
  • 5 February: Kim Hutchings (LSE):'Speaking and hearing: Habermasian discourse ethics, feminism and International Relations' (discussants: E.Montuschi and C.Audard, LSE)
  • 19 February: Joseph Raz (Oxford): 'Will you, won't you? Will you, won't you? Will you pass the buck?' (discussant: Stephen Everson, York)
  • 4 March: Luc Bovens (LSE): 'The value of hope' (discussant: Peter Goldie, King's College London)
  • 18 March: Jo Wolff (UCL):'Are there moral limits to the market?'(discussant: R.Bradley, LSE)

'Truth in Science and Philosophy', Jointly with Dept. of Philosophy, Pavia (Italy); Two-day workshop, Pavia, 3-4 June 2004

Programme of speakers

I. Truth in Science, introduced and chaired by Luca Fonnesu (U.of Pavia)
Speakers: Steven Lukes (Dept. of Sociology, NYU), 'Truth and social science'; Ian Carter (Dept of Political Science, U. of Pavia), discussant; Elena Castellani (Dept. of Philosophy, U. of Florence), 'Truth in the physical sciences'; Michela Massimi (Girton College Cambridge/CPNSS), discussant.
II. Truth in Philosophy, introduced and chaired by Eleonora Montuschi (LSE)
Speakers: Mario Ruggenini (Dept. of Philosophy, U. of Venice), 'Truth and Interpretation'; Silvana Borutti (Dept. of Philosophy, U. of Pavia), discussant; Paolo Parrini (Dept. of Philosophy, U. of Florence), 'Truth and Reality'; Luigi Perissinotto (Dept. of Philosophy, U. of Venice), discussant.


'Rationality in Question II', organised by Eleonora Montuschi and Steven Lukes (research seminar, second series, Philosophy Dept., LSE/CPNSS).

Programme Lent 2002

  • 23th January: John Broome and Joseph Raz (Oxford): 'Defining Reasons'
  • 30th January: Dan Sperber (Paris): 'Rationality and anthropology'
  • 13th February: Chris Brown (LSE), Michael Fox (LSE), Kimberley Hutchings (LSE): 'Assumptions    about rationality in international relations'
  • 27 February: Colin Hay (Birmingham): 'Rationality and political science'
  • 13 March: Steven Lukes and Eleonora Montuschi (LSE): 'Rationality and the social sciences'.

'Measuring Happiness', LSE/Exeter Workshop in the Philosophy of Social Science, Exeter, 29 May 2003
Speaker: Richard Layard (LSE)
Paul Webley (Exeter)
Ian Hampsher-Monk (Exeter)
Pierluigi Barrotta (University of Pisa/CPNSS)


'The LSE-Exeter workshops in the philosophy of social science', organised by Eleonora Montuschi and Francesco Guala (exchange programme CPNSS/Dept.of Sociology, University of Exeter).

Programme 2000-2001:
Workshop I: Extensionality and Social Reference (Exeter, Dept. of Sociology, 9 December 2000)
Barry Barnes (Exeter): 'Extension of concepts and growth of knowledge'
Francesco Guala (Exeter): 'Modes of reference: the case of unemployment'
Genoveva Marti (LSE): Discussant.

Workshop II: Kind-Making and Social Meaning (LSE, Centre for Philosophy of the Natural and Social Sciences, 19 March 2001)
Ian Hacking (College de France): 'On "The Social Construction of What?" '
Eleonora Montuschi (LSE): 'Kind Making and Objective Inquiry'
John Dupre (Exeter): discussant

'Philosophical and methodological issues in the social sciences', organised by Eleonora Montuschi (seminar series, CPNSS & Philosophy Dept. LSE).

  • 25 January: Simon Schaffer (HPS, Cambridge): 'Objects lessons and the meanings of history'
  • 8 February: Peter Abel (Sociology, LSE): 'Comparative narratives in sociology'
  • 15 February: Michael Dash (Philosophy, LSE): 'Psychoanalysis and scientific method'
  • 22 February: Steven Lukes (Sociology, LSE): 'Different cultures, different rationalities'
  • 1 March: Rita Astuti (Anthropology, LSE): 'Cognitive methods of anthropological inquiry'
  • 8 March: Andy Pratt (Geography, LSE): 'The critical realist moment in human geography'
  • 15 March: Tony Lawson (Economics, Cambridge): 'Economics as a realist social theory'.