Rosalind Arden


Research Associate at CPNSS LSE.  PhD (2010) Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London. Interested in cognitive abilities (intelligence) and associated outcomes, especially those related to health (including lifespan). Keen on exploring intelligence (and associated outcomes including fitness payoffs) in non human species, including dogs. Key methods: behavioural genetics (which illuminates why we are all different from each other). Intellectual framework: evolutionary theory (which illuminates why we are so similar to one another). First degree: History of Art, Design and Film. Keen interest in art. Produced science documentaries for television before beginning PhD.


Further info about Rosalind's appearence on BBC's Countryfile, 5 June 2016.


Selected Journal Papers

A Review of Cognitive Abilities in Dogs,1911 Through 2016: More Individual Differences, Please!

A general intelligence factor in dogs

The association between intelligence and lifespan is mostly genetic

Genes influence young children's human figure drawings and their association with intelligence a decade later

Alzheimer's disease and intelligence

Neuroimaging creativity: a psychometric view

Sex differences in variance of intelligence across childhood

Does a fitness factor contribute to the association between intelligence and health outcomes? Evidence from medical abnormality counts among 3654 US Veterans

Intelligence and semen quality are positively correlated

Authors’ Response to Kaufman and Muntaner



Room 70: An exhibition on the life and work of Professor Sir Godfrey Thomson


Book Chapters/sections

Animal models of general cognitive ability for genetic research into cognitive functioning


Other writing

Sex at Work: A Prospect debate with Kingsley Browne


Selected science documentaries

The Great Leveller - a one hour film about health inequalities

Psychopath a one hour film about psychopathy



Twitter: @Rosalind_Arden_