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Our research paper on dog intelligence is freely available

Our research with sheepdogs was done at Kinloch Sheepdogs, which is run by Dr Angie Driscoll who is in the Welsh National Trials team.  

She and Mrs Paula Handoll are experts with dogs. Angie and Paula can "talk dog".  Angie's work with sheepdogs is electrifying to watch. Watching an expert working sheep with a dog in training is a revelation. It's good for the spirit to watch animals outperform us humans! Humbling in a good way.


About me


Tests to do with your dog

The scientific agenda behind the work testing doggy IQ


Books on Dogs

What is a Dog?  By Raymond and Lorna Coppinger

Dogs' evolution and behaviour by celebrated experts.


Intelligence in Dogs by Stanley Coren

Stanley Coren is a well known expert on dogs. His book provides fun tests you can do with your dog. The author assesses which breeds he thinks come top in dog smarts.


The Genius of Dogs by Brian Hare & Vanessa Woods

Lots of what we know about dog behaviour described in a conversational style.


Intelligence in other animals

A popular article about intelligence in Robins.  This work was led by Rachael Shaw of the Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand


Work by Mike Galsworthy on intelligence in mice


Work by Louis Matzel on intelligence in mice