Moshé Machover

Machover_100x127Moshé Machover was born in Tel-Aviv, studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and taught mathematics there before coming to London University in 1968. He was at first at Chelsea College, then in the History and Philosophy of Science Department at King's College, London, joining the Philosophy Department in 1992. He was Reader in Mathematical Logic, and is now Professor of Philosophy. Among his publications are: Lectures on Non-Standard Analysis (with J. Hirschfeld); A Course in Mathematical Logic (with J.L. Bell); Laws of Chaos: A Probabilistic Approach to Political Economy (with E. Farjoun); Set Theory, Logic and their Limitations; and The Measurement of Voting Power: Theory and Practice, Problems and Paradoxes (with D. Felsenthal).

Project: Voting Power and Procedures
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