Research Associates

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Research Associates are scholars from within LSE and from other institutions worldwide who, over the years, have made significant contributions to the achievements of the Centre.


Mark Addis, Philosophy, Birmingham City University

Kristoffer Ahlstrom-Vij, Philosophy, University of Kent

Daniel Andler, University Centre of Clignancourt

Paul Anand, Social Sciences, The Open University

Bengt Autzen, University of Calgary


Roger Backhouse, Economics, University of Birmingham

Sebastiano Bavetta, Economics, University of Palermo and CPNSS

Joseph Berkovitz, Philosophy, University of Toronto

German Berrios, Chair (Emeritus) of the Epistemology of Psychiatry, Cambridge

Ken Binmore, ELSE, University College London

Marcel Boumans, Economics, University of Amsterdam

Jeremy Butterfield, Trinity College, Cambridge


Nancy Cartwright, Durham University

Jordi Cat, History and Philosophy of Science, University of Indiana

Hasok Chang, History and Philosophy of Science, Cambridge

Zsuzsanna Chappell, Politics, University of Manchester

Mathew Coakley, CPNSS

Paul Coombes, Centre for Corporate Governance, London Business School

Oliver Curry, Oxford University and CPNSS


Talal Debs, CPNSS

Tom Dickins, Psychology, Middlesex University

Franz Dietrich, University of East Anglia

Jose Diez, University of Barcelona

John Dupré, ESRC Centre for Genomics in Society, University of Exeter


Rudy Fara, CPNSS

Dan S Felsenthal, Political Science, University of Haifa

Damien Fennell, Financial Conduct Authority

Dagfin Follesdal, Philosophy, Oslo University and Stanford University

Philippe Fontaine, Economics, Ecole Cachan

Mathias Frisch, Philosophy, University of Maryland


Dov Gabbay, King’s College London

Maria-Carla Galavotti, University of Bologna

Fernand Gobet, School of Social Sciences, Brunel University, Uxbridge

Andrew Goldfinch, London School of Economics

Axel Gosseries, Louvain University – UCL, Belgium

Sam Groom, External Examiner, Swansea Metropolitan University

Francesco Guala, Sociology, University of Exeter

Stephan Guettinger, CPNSS, LSE


Jeremy Hardie, CPNSS

Simon Hayhoe, CPNSS

Conrad Heilmann, Erasmus University, Rotterdam


Mathias Kaiser, NENT, Norway

Robert King, Head of Psychology, Kingston School

Philip Kitcher, Philosophy, Columbia University

Hayo Krombach, CPNSS


David Lavis, King's College London

Dennis Leech, Economics, University of Warwick

Christian List, CPNSS and Government, LSE


Moshé Machover, Philosophy, King’s College London

Ivana Marková, University of Stirling and Department of Social Psychology, LSE

Michela Massimi, Science and Technology Studies, University College London

Philippe Mongin, Economics, Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales, Jouy-en-Josas

Eleonora Montuschi, CPNSS

Margaret Morrison, Philosophy, University of Toronto

Ivan Moscati, Department of Economics, Bocconi University, Italy

Eileen Munro, CPNSS and Social Policy, LSE


Robert Northcott, Philosophy, University of St. Louis


Anthony O’Hear, Philosophy, University of Buckingham


Matthew Parker,CPNSS

John Pemberton, CPNSS

Rajiv Prabhaker, CPNSS

Stathis Psillos, History and Philosophy of Science, University of Athens


Julian Reiss, Durham University

Rosa Runhardt, Kings College London


Fiora Salis, Center for Philosophy, University of Lisbon

Maurice Salles, Economics, University of Caen

Markus Scholtz, Leibniz University Hannover

Hakan Seckinelgin, Social Policy and Centre for Civil Society, LSE

Rebecca Sear, Department of Anthropology, Durham University

Towfic Shomar, Philosophy, University of Jordan

John Shotter, University of New Hampshire, Durham, USA

John Skoyles, Science writer, CPNSS

Leonard Smith, CATS and Statistics, LSE

Elliott Sober, Philosophy, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Peter Sozou, CPNSS

Max Steuer, CPNSS

Mauricio Suarez, Philosophy, Universidad Complutense de Madrid and CPNSS


Christopher Thompson, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Groningen

Martin Thomson, Jones Philosophy, Oberlin College

Philip Thonemann, CPNSS

Raimo Tuomela, Philosophy, University of Helsinki


Richard Webb, Zoologist and freelance consultant, CPNSS

Amos Witztum, Visiting Senior Fellow, Department of Management, LSE


George Zouros, CPNSS