Research Associates

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Research Associates are scholars from within LSE and from other institutions worldwide who, over the years, have made significant contributions to the achievements of the Centre.


Mark Addis|, Philosophy, Birmingham City University

Kristoffer Ahlstrom-Vij|, Philosophy, University of Kent

Daniel Andler|, University Centre of Clignancourt

Paul Anand|, Social Sciences, The Open University

Bengt Autzen, University of Calgary


Roger Backhouse|, Economics, University of Birmingham

Sebastiano Bavetta|, Economics, University of Palermo and CPNSS

Joseph Berkovitz|, Philosophy, University of Toronto

German Berrios|, Chair (Emeritus) of the Epistemology of Psychiatry, Cambridge

Ken Binmore|, ELSE, University College London

Marcel Boumans|, Economics, University of Amsterdam

Jeremy Butterfield|, Trinity College, Cambridge


Nancy Cartwright|, Durham University

Jordi Cat|, History and Philosophy of Science, University of Indiana

Hasok Chang|, History and Philosophy of Science, Cambridge

Zsuzsanna Chappell|, Politics, University of Manchester

Mathew Coakley|, CPNSS

Paul Coombes|, Centre for Corporate Governance, London Business School

Oliver Curry|, Oxford University and CPNSS


Talal Debs, CPNSS

Tom Dickins|, Psychology, Middlesex University

Franz Dietrich|, University of East Anglia

Jose Diez|, University of Barcelona

John Dupré|, ESRC Centre for Genomics in Society, University of Exeter


Rudy Fara|, CPNSS

Dan S Felsenthal|, Political Science, University of Haifa

Damien Fennell|, Financial Conduct Authority

Dagfin Follesdal|, Philosophy, Oslo University and Stanford University

Philippe Fontaine|, Economics, Ecole Cachan

Mathias Frisch|, Philosophy, University of Maryland


Dov Gabbay|, King’s College London

Maria-Carla Galavotti|, University of Bologna

Fernand Gobet|, School of Social Sciences, Brunel University, Uxbridge

Andrew Goldfinch, London School of Economics

Axel Gosseries|, Louvain University – UCL, Belgium

Sam Groom, External Examiner, Swansea Metropolitan University

Francesco Guala|, Sociology, University of Exeter

Stephan Guettinger, CPNSS, LSE


Jeremy Hardie|, CPNSS

Simon Hayhoe|, CPNSS

Conrad Heilmann|, Erasmus University, Rotterdam


Mathias Kaiser|, NENT, Norway

Robert King|, Head of Psychology, Kingston School

Philip Kitcher|, Philosophy, Columbia University

Hayo Krombach|, CPNSS


David Lavis|, King's College London

Dennis Leech|, Economics, University of Warwick

Christian List|, CPNSS and Government, LSE


Moshé Machover|, Philosophy, King’s College London

Ivana Marková|, University of Stirling and Department of Social Psychology, LSE

Michela Massimi|, Science and Technology Studies, University College London

Philippe Mongin|, Economics, Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales, Jouy-en-Josas

Eleonora Montuschi|, CPNSS

Margaret Morrison|, Philosophy, University of Toronto

Ivan Moscati|, Department of Economics, Bocconi University, Italy

Eileen Munro|, CPNSS and Social Policy, LSE


Robert Northcott|, Philosophy, University of St. Louis


Anthony O’Hear|, Philosophy, University of Buckingham


Matthew Parker|,CPNSS

John Pemberton|, CPNSS

Rajiv Prabhaker|, CPNSS

Stathis Psillos|, History and Philosophy of Science, University of Athens


Julian Reiss|, Durham University


Fiora Salis, Center for Philosophy, University of Lisbon

Maurice Salles|, Economics, University of Caen

Markus Scholtz|, Leibniz University Hannover

Hakan Seckinelgin|, Social Policy and Centre for Civil Society, LSE

Rebecca Sear|, Department of Anthropology, Durham University

Towfic Shomar|, Philosophy, University of Jordan

John Shotter|, University of New Hampshire, Durham, USA

John Skoyles|, Science writer, CPNSS

Leonard Smith|, CATS and Statistics, LSE

Elliott Sober|, Philosophy, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Peter Sozou|, CPNSS

Max Steuer|, CPNSS

Mauricio Suarez|, Philosophy, Universidad Complutense de Madrid and CPNSS


Martin Thomson, Jones Philosophy, Oberlin College

Philip Thonemann|, CPNSS

Raimo Tuomela|, Philosophy, University of Helsinki


Richard Webb|, Zoologist and freelance consultant, CPNSS

Amos Witztum|, Visiting Senior Fellow, Department of Management, LSE


George Zouros|, CPNSS