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Selected Past Conferences and Seminars

This is a list of selected past events hosted by our Centre. The full list of past events is available here|. If you wish to see our upcoming events check our Calendar| or the feed on the right hand column. 


Angelo Cei (University of Rome): Reflections on Atomism, Quantum Mechanics and Mereology
06/10/2014: 5:15 PM. Sigma Club

Orri Stefansson (College d'etudes mondiales, Paris): Chance Egalitarianism
08/10/2014: 5:50 PM. Choice Group

Ellen Clarke (Oxford): How to count organisms
13/10/2014: 5:15 PM. BSPS London Meetings

No Choice group meeting due to Comte Lecture
15/10/2014: 12:00 AM. Choice Group

Lakatos Award Workshop in Philosophy of Physics
21/10/2014: 12:00 AM. Lakatos Award Lecture

Lakatos Award Ceremony & Lectures
22/10/2014: 4:30 PM.

Kasia Rejzner (York): Causality in the modern approach to foundations of quantum field theory
27/10/2014: 5:15 PM. Sigma Club

John Worrall: ACES hIgh? Or "Placebo Mania"?
28/10/2014: 2:00 PM. Popper Seminar

29/10/2014: 5:50 PM. Choice Group

Philip Pettit (Princeton University): The Infrastructure of Democracy
29/10/2014: 6:30 PM. Forum for European Philosophy