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2015 Day Conference: Mandarin for Academic Purposes (MAP): Potential, challenges and Future Development LSE
18 May 2015 Panel Discussion -- Creative Industry - Implication to China LSE
7 May 2015 East-West Trade, Technology transfer and the emergence of China's World Economy LSE
1-3 April 2015 Conference:‘ Needham’s Puzzle’ and China’s Early Rise in Science and Technology LSE
21 March 2015 Chinese Talent  Show for University Students LSE
4 March 2015 Ernst & Young Chinese New Year Dinner Event E&Y Headquarters
4 March 2015 HSBC Brussels HSBC Offices
March 2015 PwC Business Chinese New Year Dinner  PwC Headquarters
February 2015 RBC Business Culture Talk and Chinese New Year 

February 2015

Barclays Business Culture Talk and New Year Event

This event is invitation only

Barclays Headquarters

February 2015

J.P. Morgan Chinese New Year Event

This event is invitation only

27 February 2015

HSBC Chinese Event

(HSBC staff only)

HSBC Headquarters
16-20 February 2015 China Week at LSE Houghton Street

19 February 2015

12:00 - 14:00

Chinese New Year VIP recpetion at LSE Confucius Institute 

This event is invitation only

17 February 2015

China Day for students at LSE


Houghton Street
16 February 2015

Celebration of the Chinese New Year: The year of the Goat

This event is invitation only

The House of Lords
10 February 2015

HSBC Chinese Event

This event is invitation only

7 February 2015 Chinese New Year Celebration: Year of the Goat 2015

Hove Town Hall, Brighton

7 February 2015 

LSE CDS China Development Forum

Ticket registration: 




6 February 2015 Ernst & Young CDS Froum E&Y Headquarters
19 January. 2015

Ernst & Young Chinese Language and Culture Tasters Classes 

This event is  invitation only

E&Y Headquarters
16 January - 20 March 2015

Chinese Film Club|

Every week CIBL will show a Chinese film

Please visit the Doodle| for your confirmation.

3.01 TW2, LSE

*Please  CLICK HERE|  to confirm your place.

27 November 2014

CIBL Public Lecture

"Britain and China A Creative Partnership|"

To view this lecture please click here|

New Theatre, LSE
29 October 2014

CIBL Public Lecture

"Why entrepreneurs care about customers and what can be learned by Chinese practice"|

To view this lecture please click here|

Old Theatre, LSE
10 October 2014

Chinese Film club|

Every week CIBL will show a Chinese film

* Please click here| to confirm your place.

For further information please visit the Weekly Film| website.

CIBL office, 3.01, floor 3, Tower 3, LSE
27 September 2014

Chinese Art Performance| for the 10th Anniversary of the Confucius Institutes 

Performed  the National Academy of  Chinese Theatre Arts

Cadogan Hall, 5 Sloane Terrace, London
24 September 2014 Chinese Taster Session at PWC| for the 10th Anniversary of the Confucius Institutes   PWC Headquarters
19-21 September 2014 CIBL Annual Business Chinese Teacher Training Programme| TW 2, LSE 
17 September 2014 Chinese Taster Event at Christ's College Finchley| Christ's College Finchley
23 June 2014 Routes into Languages: Summer School Session LSE Campus
10 June 2014 Visit to CIBL by Hanban and Confucius Institute Deputy Secretary General Mr. WANG Yongli CIBL Office, LSE
9 June 2014 Research into Chinese Learning CIBL Office, LSE
6 June 2014 2014 Routes into Languages LSE Campus
2 June 2014 2014 Dragon Boat Festival and CIBL Soft Opening CIBL Office, LSE
30 May 2014 2014 Away Day Cambridge
16 May 2014 New Office, New Start CIBL New Office, LSE
23 April 2014

THU-LSE Forum in Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

23 April 2014

The Third Meeting of CIBL's Advisory Council

Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

21 April 2014 Lecture: Multilingualism and Language Provision in Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

28 March 2014

In-company Chinese Culture Talk 

The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office

20 March 2014

Panel Discussion

UK-China Relationship in 2014: Beyond the Economics

British Council

10-14 March 2014

 2014 China Week

LSE Campus

11 March 2014

2014 CIBL Academic Steering Group Meeting

CIBL Office, LSE

Ongoing from February

CIBL Staff In-service Training Programmes CIBL Office, LSE
8 February 2014

The Rebalancing China Forum

New Academic Building, LSE

3-6 February 2014

HSBC Chinese New Year Celebrations

HSBC Headquarters

31 January 2014

Chinese New Year Reception in the UK Parliament

UK Parliament

31 January 2014

Cultural Event at Dulwich Confucius Classroom

Dulwich College

29 January 2014 CSSA Chinese New Year Gala

Logan Hall, IOS

28 January 2014

Chinese Cultural Event at Ernst & Young

More London Place
26 January 2014 Chinese New Year Celebration: Year of the Horse 2014

Hove Town Hall, Brighton

7-8 December 2013

The 8th Confucius Institute Conference

Confucius Institute's Individual Excellence Award to Mr. Charles Haswel

Beijing, China