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Leonard A Smith: Graduate Students

The name, department, thesis title and date of degree are given for each student; an e indicates an expected date of completion, while * indicates that the MSc was awarded with distinction. 

DPhil Students

Name       Dept.     Thesis title Year
E Sienkiewicz Statistics Structural model error in the context of an evolving (non-stationary)
physical system
T Maynard Statistics Robustness of general insurers to trends and cycles including climate change 2015e
E Wheatcroft Statistics The relationship between models and reality in the context of climate change 2014e
S Higgins Statistics Seasonal Forecasts, Futures Markets and Crops 2014e
A Jarman Statistics On the Provision, Reliability, and Use of Hurricane Forecasts on all Timescales 2014e
D Hawellek Statistics iota-Shadowing in Large Dynamic System Models 2012
R Binter Statistics Advances in nonlinear probabilistic forecasting 2012
E Tredger Statistics Extracting Evidence from Climate Model Simulations 2009
H Du Statistics Predictability in the Imperfect Model Scenario 2009
R Machete Maths Model Inadequacies in a Simple Physical System 2008
A Andrianova Statistics Contrasting Statistical and Physical Approaches for Pricing Weather Derivatives 2007
M Cuellar Statistics  Parameter Estimation in the Imperfect Model Scenario 2007  
L Clarke  Maths   On the Detection of Rouge Data  2004 
A Guerrero  Maths  Scaling Exponents of Deterministic and Stochastic Systems 2002
D Orrell  Maths  Uncertainty and Error in Numerical Weather Forecasting  2001   
P McSharry  Maths  Prediction and Predictability in Nature   1999   
I Gilmour  Maths  Nonlinear model evaluation: é-shadowing, probabilistic prediction and weather forecasting   1999 
J Hansen  Physics  Adaptive Observations in Spatially-extended Nonlinear Dynamical Systems   1998
J Ellepola  Eng   Spatio-temporal Variations in Nucleate Pool Boiling  1997

Masters Students

K Oliver (MPhil) Maths Red Noise and Chaos: Towards Consistent Nonlinear Signal Separation 2001
L Clarke (MSc) Maths Rogue Thermocouple Detection 1999  
T Hirose (MSc) Maths Roll resonance: motion prediction via nonlinear dynamics 1999
S Boyle (MSc) Maths Applications of Optimal Filters  1998  
A Guerrero (MSc) Maths Extracting Variations in Electricity Demand from Observed Variations in Grid Frequency   1998
D Cresswell (MSc) Maths Quantifying Changes in the Forcing of Nonlinear Climate Models 1997
M Flett (MSc) Maths Nonlinear Damage Estimation from Observed Grid Frequency Variations 1997*