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CATS at EGU 2004

European Geosciences Union 1st General Assembly, Nice, 25-30 April 2004


CATS Members gave the following presentations at the EGU 1st General Assembly:

Smith, L.A. 'Towards Shadowing in Operational Weather Models'. Abstract|.

Kwasniok, F. 'Time Series Prediction Using Local Modelling: a Comparison of Different Approaches'. Abstract|.

Clarke, L. 'On Estimating the Box Counting Dimension from Data Streams'. Abstract|.

Clarke, L. 'Addressing Model Inadequacy Through Multi-Model Ensembles'. Abstract|.

Weisheimer, A. 'Quantifying the Skill of Ensemble Seasonal Forecasts with Bounding Boxes'. Abstract|.

Broecker, J. 'Combining Dynamical and Statistical Ensembles -- the Science Behind the DIME Project'. Abstract|.

Smith, L.A. 'What are the Odds of a Good Probability Forecast?'. Abstract|.

Smith, L.A. 'Data Assimilation via Indistinguishable States'. Abstract|.

Smith, L.A. 'Sorry Wrong Number: Statistical Best Practice Under the Real Time Constraints of Climateprediction.net'. Abstract|.

Smith, L.A. 'Deterministic Systems and Stochastic Models', Poster 0639. Abstract|.

Smith, L.A. 'On Contrasting Measures of Skill for Probability Forecasts: the Case of Rare Events', Poster 0659. Abstract|.

Judd, K. 'How Good is an Ensemble at Capturing Truth?|', Poster 0660. Abstract|.

Hansen, J. 'Minimum Spanning Tree Rank Histograms: At What Scales are NWP Ensemble Forecasts Reliable', Poster 0666. Abstract|.

Andrianova, A. 'Pricing Weather Derivatives'. Abstract|.

Cuellar, M.C. 'Parameter Estimation in the Wrong Model Class: the Performance of MCMC Techniques on Data with No Intrinsic Dynamics', Poster 0665. Abstract|.

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