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Talks and Presentations 2006 - 2008

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10-14 November 2008 - Leonard Smith was an invited keynote speaker at 'Extreme events: theory, observation, modeling and prediction' Conference, Palma de Mallorca.

3-4 November 2008 - Leonard Smith gave a talk entitled 'Communicating Uncertainties for those insuring future climate change' at the 'Insuring Future Climate: Preparing and Acting Today' Conference, Oslo. See talk slides.

22-24 September 2008 - Leonard Smith gave the invited keynote speech 'Improving Predictions of Climate Change: living with an inconvenient ignorance' to the conference 'Climate change impacts and adaptation: Dangerous rates of change', University of Exeter.

24 January 2008 - Professor Leonard Smith gave a seminar on "Model Error, Real World Risk: Probabilistic Pathways but Probably not Probabilities". It was part of a seminar series on ‘Risk in the 21st Century’, Oxford University.


25-29 June 2007 - Leonard Smith presented a poster entitled: 'On the impact of NUMB weather on science, society and operational forecasting centres', at the 22nd Conference on Weather Analysis and Forecasting/18th Conference on Numerical Weather Prediction, Park City, Utah.

15-20 April 2007 - CATS members gave a number of presentations at theEGU General Assembly 2007, Vienna. CATS at EGU 2007. Poster.

12-13 April 2007 - Leonard Smith presented a poster at the MSRI Symposium on Climate Change: From Global Models to Local Action, Berkeley, USA. Leonard Smith presented a talk: 'Valued Foresight or Useless Arithmetic: Extrapolation Models in the Service of Decision Support and Policy'. 

29 January-2 February 2007 - Leonard Smith with Jochen Broecker and Hailiang Du gave two presentations: 1. Ensemble Forecasts: An Introduction to Their Statistics, Value and Application and  2. Forecasting with the NAG Board: Results and Winners at the ECMWF 3rd International Verification Methods Workshop, Reading, UK, sponsored by WMO/WCRP/WWRP/COST. 


27 November 2006 - Leonard Smith led a session on 'Bayesian Physics and Decision Support in Climate-like Modelling', SAMSI.

16-21 July 2006 - Leonard Smith and CATS Visiting Research Fellows, Professor Nigel Harvey and Dr David Stainforth, participated as members of a roundtable discussion at the WMO Climate Risk Conference, entitled 'Living with Climate Variability and Change', Espoo, Finland. For further information see Media and Outreach.  

16 June 2006 - Leonard Smith contributed to theworkshop: 'Applying Complex Modelling Techniques to Sustainability Challenges', at the European Commission in Brussels. Summary notes.

11-16 June 2006 - Leonard Smith gave a talk: 'Insights from a Century of Forecast Errors:  The Evolving Role of Nonlinearity in Operational Forecast Systems', at the '20 years of Nonlinear Dynamics in Geosciences' Conference, Rhodes, Greece. Abstract. CATS Visiting Research Fellow, Kevin Judd, gave a talk: 'Weather Forecasting: it's about Dynamics, it's not about Statistics'. 

16 May 2006 - Members of CATS presented a day of seminars and a roundtable discussion at the European Centre for Medium-range Weather Forecasting (ECMWF), focussing on insights gained from experiences with ECMWF forecasts.

20-21 April 2006 - Leonard Smith gave a talk: 'On the Risks of Miscommunicating Risk in Decision Support and Policy', at the 'Environmental Hazards and Risk Communication' Conference, Royal Society, London. Abstract.

4 April 2006 - Leonard Smith delivered a keynote address 'Why I'm not a Bayesian' at the Schlumberger Workshop, Oxford.

8 March 2006 - Leonard Smith gave a talk: 'Seeing Through Geophysical Models: Moving Beyond Naive Realism', at the science seminar 'Predicting the Effects of Climate Change on the Arctic', British Embassy, Stockholm. Abstract.

13-15 February 2006 - Leonard Smith presented a talk entitled 'The Energy Industry' at the WWRP/THORPEX Scientific Conference, 'Improving the Global Predictability of High Impact Weather And a review of Southern Hemisphere Plans for THORPEX', Cape Town, South Africa.

2 February 2006 - Leonard Smith presented seminars on 'Decision Making' for graduate students of the l'Ecole Nationale de la Météorologie on a training course entitled: 'Observer, Prévoir, Décider: Météorologie science de l'ingénieur' in Toulouse, France. Seminar ASeminar B, Seminar C.

1 February 2006 - NAPSTER (Nonlinear Analysis and Prediction Statistics from Timeseries and Ensemble-forecast Realisations): project presentation by Dr Liam Clarke, London. Abstract.

31 January 2006 - Leonard Smith presented a discussion at the Oikos International Roundtable 'Meeting the Risk of Climate Change: Management or Prevention?', LSE, London. Abstract.