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Talks and Presentations 2012 - Present

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25 March 2015 - David Stainforth gave a lecture entitled 'Confidence from Uncertainty: Separating what we know from what we don't know about climate change', at the 'Galerkin Methods with applications in weather and climate forecasting|' workshop at the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Edinburgh.

10-11 February 2015 - Leonard Smith took part in discussions with congressmen as part of the ASA Advisory Committee on Climate Change Policy (ACCCP) 5th Annual Climate Science Day 2015| meeting, Capitol Hill, Washington DC.

5 January 2015 - Leonard Smith gave an invited keynote talk entitled 'Anticipating Equilibrium Systems (Clarity Before Consensus)' and David Stainforth gave a presentation at the 'Non-equilibrium Dynamics of Climate: linking models to data|' workshop 5-7 January 2015, Dartington Hall, Devon.


15-19 December 2014 - Hailiang Du gave two poster presentations at the 2014 AGU Fall Meeting|, San Francisco, entitled 'Examining Model Fidelity via Shadowing Time|' and 'Increasing Foresight and Forecast Quality with Skillful Low-cost Empirical Models|'.

7 December 2014 - Leonard Smith gave a keynote talk on 'Weather as a Changing Climate' at the 'Health, Energy and Extreme Events in a Changing Climate|' Seminar 6-9 December 2014, Bad Honnef, Germany.

1-5 December 2014 - David Stainforth was one of the organisers of the 'Climate Variability: from Data and Models to Decisions|' workshop at the Lorentz Centre, Leiden, Germany. Leonard Smith gave a talk at the workshop on the theme of decision making under uncertainty on 4 December 2014.

29 October 2014 - Leonard Smith gave a talk entitled 'Doing Science in the Dark: the challenges of Climate-like science' at the Rotman Institute of Philosophy (Western University, Canada) Library Speaker Series on Climate Change: The Philosophical Issues|. Abstract|.

26 October 2014 - Leonard Smith gave a talk entitled 'Clarity before Consensus' at the Rotman Institute of Philosophy (Western University, Canada) 'Knowledge and Models in Climate Science|' Conference 24-26 October 2014.

15, 17 & 19 September 2014 - Roman Frigg presented a 3-part lecture series on 'The Science of Climate Change: A Three-Part Crash Course', at the Rotman Institute of Philosophy, University of Western Ontario, London/Ontario, Canada.

19-22 August 2014 - Henry Wynn gave an invited talk at the 21st International Conference on Computational Statistics|, Geneva, Switzerland.

2-7 August 2014 - Leonard Smith was an invited co-author for a panel discussion entitled 'Treatment of uncertainty in climate change assessments' at JSM2014|, Boston. Abstract|.

30 July 2014 - Leonard Smith gave a talk entitled 'Distinguishing Uncertainty, Diversity and Insight' at the NCAR Uncertainty Colloquium 24 July - 2 August, Boulder, Colorado, USA. Abstract|.

7 July 2014 - Leonard Smith gave a talk entitled 'Parameters, Probabilities and Progress|' at the 2014 Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Program at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, MA, USA.

30 June-4 July 2014 - Roman Frigg gave a lecture entitled 'Evidence-Based Policy in the Face of Uncertainty' at the Understanding Risk Forum 2014: Producing Actionable Information|, University College London.

22 May 2014 - Leonard Smith gave a talk entitled 'The Decay of Information: In Theory and in Practice|' at the Scientific and Statistical Computing Seminar, University of Chicago.

19-22 May 2014 - Henry Wynn was on the Committee of the Illinois Institute of Technology Conference on Algebraic Statistics 2014|, Chicago.

8 May 2014 - Erica Thompson's poster 'The Hawkmoth Effect|' was selected for inclusion in the LSE Research Festival 2014 Exhibition|.

27 April-2 May 2014 - Nick Watkins and David Stainforth gave presentations at the EGU General Assembly 2014|, Vienna. Nick Watkins' presentations were entitled 'On the surprising robustness of the surplus run length and size ratio formulae, and their application to bursts in natural time series|' and 'Bayesian analysis of heavy-tailed and long-range dependent Processes|'. David Stainforth gave the following presentations: 'Putting the Weather Back Into Climate|', 'How big should a climate model ensemble be? Lessons from a low dimensional system|', 'User-relevant, threshold-specific observations of climate change|'.

22 April 2014 - Ralph Rayner led the organisation of 'Small Sea Changes Big Coastal Impacts|', a workshop on coastal hazards, The Explorers Club, New York.

31 March-3 April 2014 - Leonard Smith gave a talk at the SIAM Conference on Uncertainty Quantification| in Savannah, Georgia, USA. The talk was entitled 'Pseudo-orbit Data Assimilation and the Roles of Uncertainty in Multi-Model Forecasting'. Abstract|.

30 March-4 April 2014 - Nick Watkins gave a presentation at the German Physical Society| Spring Meeting, Dresden, entitled 'On the surprising robustness of the surplus run length ratio formula, and its application to extreme bursts in time series from natural complex systems|', and a poster entitled 'Bayesian Analysis of Non-Gaussian Long-Range Dependent Processes|'.

21 March 2014 - David Stainforth gave a talk on 'Searching for Robust Information in Climate Change Science', as part of the EED Seminar Series, Kings College, London.

11-13 March 2014 - Ralph Rayner led the organisation of Oceanology International|, a multi strand conference on marine technology and its applications, London.

11 March 2014 - Leonard Smith spoke at the CPNSS Workshop 'Rethinking Theory Construction in Social Science', LSE.

10-12 March 2014 - David Stainforth gave two talks: 'Mapping observed adaptation - relevant changes in locate climate' and 'Quantifying climate science uncertainty: from model ensembles to expert elicitation,' at the Adaptation Frontiers| Conference, Lisbon.

10 March 2014 - Ralph Rayner led the organisation of a one-day conference 'Catch the Next Wave|' at the Royal Academy of Engineering on future technologies and the fostering of cross-disciplinary and cross-sectoral innovation. After the conference Ralph spoke at a Foundation for Science and Technology debate at the Royal Society, on the topic of 'turning knowledge into value - adding value to the marine sector from research and innovation.'

10 March 2014 - Keith Beven gave an invited talk on 'How to make decisions about future water when there is still so much we do not know?', University of Lausanne, Switzerland.

6 March 2014 - David Stainforth was on a panel at the 'Rhyme and Reason: reflections on climate change|' event, LSE.

18 February 2014 - Leonard Smith was invited to attend a one-day meeting in Washington on the urgent problem of finding new ways to fund and implement long-term climate observations. The meeting was organised by Jim Baker (NOAA), Carl Wunsch (Harvard/MIT), Ray Schmitt (WHOI) and Ralph Keeling (SIO).

13-17 February 2014 - Leonard Smith spoke at the AAAS Annual Meeting 2014|, Chicago.  His talk was entitled: 'Confounding Solid Science and Uncertain Modelling: Improving Climate Policy Modelling'.

12 February 2014 - David Stainforth gave a seminar entitled 'Searching for Robust Information in Climate Change Science' at Imperial College, London.

6-7 February 2014 - Leonard Smith gave a talk entitled 'The User Made Me Do It: Seamless Forecasts, Higher Hemlines and Credible Computation' at the 'Climate Science Needed to Support Robust Adaptation Decisions' Workshop, GeorgiaTech, Atlanta, USA. David Stainforth gave a presentation entitled 'Getting More from Observations for Adaptation Planning'.

28-29 January 2014  - Leonard Smith took part in discussions with congressmen as part of the ASA Advisory Committee on Climate Change Policy (ACCCP) 4th annual Climate Science Day 2014| meeting, Capitol Hill, Washington DC.

21 January 2014 - Keith Beven gave a talk on 'Observational Uncertainties' at the NERC PURE CREDIBLE/RACER Consortium Meeting.

19-25 January 2014 - Dr Ofel Engel and Professor Peter Abell's visit to Gothenburg as part of the CELSIUS project generated some local media attention: The CELSIUS Insider| and Vårt Göteborg|.

14 January 2014 - David Stainforth gave a talk entitled 'Risk in Climate Models' at a Grantham Research Institute workshop called 'Risk Management and Climate Change' held at the Law Society.

13 January 2014 - David Stainforth gave a short talk at an FCO organised meeting at the Royal Society, hosted by Brian Hoskins, with a delegation of Chinese scientists from China's Expert Committee on Climate Change.

10 January 2014 - Roman Frigg gave an invited lecture on 'Chaos Beyond the Butterfly Effect: The Poison Pill of Structural Model Error', Center for Advanced Studies, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.

9 January 2014 - David Stainforth was an invited participant in the CliMathNet policy group meeting which links this climate maths network with policy makers.

9 January 2014 - Keith Beven gave an invited talk on 'Epistemic Uncertainty and Environmental Model' at the NERC workshop 'Statistics for Environmental Evaluation: Quantifying the environment|', Glasgow. 

8 January 2014 - Nick Watkins gave a talk on 'Some work in progress on bursts in complex systems', Applied Mathematics Informal Seminar, Mathematics Department, UIT, Tromso, Norway.

8 January 2014 - Roman Frigg gave an invited lecture on 'Laplace's Demon and the Adventures of His Apprentices', SimTech Colloquium, University of Stuttgart, Germany.


17 December 2013 - Nick Watkins gave an invited seminar on 'The surprising robustness of the surplus run length ratio formula, and its application to bursts from natural complex systems' at MPIPKS, Dresden.

16-18 December 2013 - Leonard Smith and David Stainforth attended the '(Re)Thinking National Climate Scenarios' Workshop, Reading. Leonard Smith gave a talk on '(Pre)Thinking National Science Contracts which Request Science Beyond the Pale' and David Stainforth gave a talk entitled 'Painting Pictures of the Future.'

9-13 December 2013 - Leonard Smith was invited to give the Charney Lecture at the AGU Fall Meeting 2013|, San Francisco. The lecture was entitled: 'Predictability, Probability(s) and Physical Insight'. Abstract|. For a list of other CATS abstracts see CATS at AGU 2013|.

6 December 2013 - Keith Beven gave a keynote talk on 'On Uncertainty and Probability in Predicting Natural Hazard Risks using Models' to the ecorisQ association General Assembly 2013|, Geneva.

3-4 December 2013 - Leonard Smith was invited to participate in a limited two-day workshop assessing uncertainties for extrapolations, Las Vegas. The workshop goal was to flesh out principles and approaches for quantifying uncertainty in extrapolative, model-based predictions, and included a field trip to the Nevada National Security Site.

29 November 2013 - Keith Beven gave an invited talk on 'Hazard, risk and epistemic error: examples from floods and climate change' to the Centre for Natural Disaster Studies Annual Academy Meeting, Uppsala, Sweden.

21 November 2013 - Erica Thompson gave an invited seminar on 'Statistical challenges in climate research' to the Statistics Department of Queen Mary, University of London.

19 November 2013 - David Stainforth was an invited panel member at the Living With Environmental Change (LWEC) 2nd Annual General Assembly 2013| 'Decision Making in the Twilight of Uncertainty', Aston University, Birmingham.

1 November 2013 - Erica Thompson gave an invited talk at 'The roles of climate models: epistemic, ethical, and socio-political perspectives|' Workshop, Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands.

31 October-1 November 2013 - Leonard Smith participated in 'The roles of Climate Models: epistemic, ethical and socio-political perspectives|' Workshop, Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands.

25 October 2013 - Jim Baker gave a presentation on the science of near-term climate extremes at a symposium on 'Rising Temperatures and Emerging Threats: the Intersection of Climate Change and National Security in the 21st Century', Vermont Law School in South Royalton, Vermont. The proceedings will be published in the Vermont Journal of Environmental Law later in the year.

17 October 2013 - Keith Beven gave the Leonardo Lecture at the 5th European Geophysical Society Leonardo Conference|, Greece.

6-11 October 2013 - Leonard Smith gave an invited talk at the workshop ‘The role of oceans in climate uncertainty|’ at the Banff International Research Station (BIRS). His talk was entitled 'Types of Uncertainty, Kinds of Probability, and (Re)Designing Climate Simulation from Scratch.'

4 October 2013 - Keith Beven gave a Benchmarks in Hydrology seminar and workshop on uncertainty estimation for environmental models, University of Saskatoon.

29 September-3 October 2013 - Keith Beven gave a keynote address at GeoMontreal|.

19-20 September 2013 - Leonard Smith gave an invited talk 'On the Use and Abuse (and rational interpretation) of Probability Forecasts' at the 'Forecasting, Monitoring, Controlling: Dealing with a dynamic world' workshop, UCL. Erica Thompson presented a talk on 'The Hawkmoth Effect in forecasting, monitoring and controlling complex dynamic systems.' Abstracts|.

16-20 September 2013 - Nick Watkins spoke at an International Space Science Institute Workshop| on 'Self-organized criticality and turbulence', Bern, Switzerland.

8-20 September 2013 - Ewelina Sienkiewicz presented a poster on 'How to quantify the predictability of a chaotic system|' at the NCAS Climate Modelling Summer School|, Oxford.

10 September 2013 - Leonard Smith gave a plenary talk at the NERC PURE Associates workshop|, Oxford. 

2-7 September 2013 - Leonard Smith gave an invited talk at the SUMO Summer School of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Ohrid, Macedonia. http://www.sumoproject.eu|. His talk was entitled 'Aims and Means of Supermodeling by Cross-Pollination in Time.'

8-12 July 2013 - Leonard Smith gave an invited talk at the Davos Atmosphere and Cryosphere Assembly|, Switzerland. His talk was on 'Dynamic probabilities, mature probabilities, and the links between data assimilation and ensemble forecasting in actual decision support'. Abstract|.

1-5 July 2013 - Nick Watkins spoke at the CliMathNet Conference 2013|. His talk was on 'Compound Extremes and Bunched Black (or Grouped Grey) Swans'. Abstract|.

1-4 July 2013 - Reason Machete gave a talk entitled "Defective Probabilistic Forecasts: Comforting the perplexed|' at the 26th European Conference on Operational Research: The Forecasting Stream, Rome.

1-3 July 2013 - Pauline Barrieu gave a plenary lecture at the 17th International Congress on Insurance: Mathematics and Economics|, Copenhagen.

24-26 June 2013 - Pauline Barrieu gave a plenary lecture at AFIR-ERM Colloquium|, Lyon.

17-21 June 2013 - Leonard Smith gave an invited talk at the workshop ‘Methods of Chaos Detection and Predictability: Theory and Applications (MCDPTA13)|’ at the Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden.

17-20 June 2013 - Emma Suckling and Hailiang Du presented at the 2013 SIAM Conference on Mathematical and Computational Issues in the Geosciences|, Padova, Italy.  Du’s talk was entitled ‘Pseudo-Orbit Data Assimilation for Atmospheric GCMs', Abstract|.  Emma’s talk was entitled ‘Pseudo-Orbit Gradient Descent for Lagrangian Data Assimilation', Abstract|

17-18 June 2013 - Leonard Smith, David Stainforth, Erica Thompson and Ewelina Sienkiewicz took part in a closed workshop at the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency led by Professor Arthur Petersen; they formed part of a panel of earth science experts who reflected on the way uncertainty is characterised in the 'Final Government Distribution' of the Summary of Policymakers (SPM) for the Working Group I contribution to the IPCC assessment report.

14 June 2013 - Nick Watkins gave a poster at the 3rd annual conference of the UCL Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction|.

24 April 2013 - Erica Thompson gave a talk to a school group, in West Hampstead, who invited her to counter their Geography teacher's climate sceptic viewpoint!

18 April 2013 - Jim Baker gave a presentation on the Climate Extremes report at a meeting of the World-Wide Human Geography Data Working Group| at Columbia University's Earth Institute, New York.  

15-19 April 2013 - Erica Thompson, Leonard Smith and Edward Wheatcroft attended the 91st European Study Group with Industry|, University of Bristol.  

15-19 April 2013 - David Stainforth and Ewelina Sienkiewicz attended the 'Workshop on systematic errors in weather and climate models|', Met Office, Exeter.

7-12 April 2013 - EGU General Assembly 2013|, Vienna.  Leonard Smith presented a short course: 'Predictability in Theory and Predictability in Practice'.  Ewelina Sienkiewicz presented a poster by A. S. Jarman and L.A. Smith entitled 'Forecasting the Probability of Tropical Cyclone Formation: the reliability of NHC forecasts from the 2012 hurricane season', Abstract|.  Also at EGU, Nick Watkins gave four presentations: 'The scaling of wild events in stochastic models: The Fisher limit, the Mandelbrot limit, and FARIMA as a model of the intermediate cases', 'Bayesian Analysis of Non-Gaussian Long-Range Dependent Processes', 'Compound Extremes and Bunched Black (or Grouped Grey) Swans'. 'A spatio-temporal analysis of US station temperature trends over the last century'  Nick Watkins and David Stainforth co-authored two presentations given by Sandra Chapman, 'Mapping the changing pattern of local climate as an observed distribution' and 'An observationally centred method to quantify local climate change as a distribution', 8-12 April 2013. Abstracts|.

3 April 2013 - Ana Lopez was invited to a seminar on 'Developing Adaptation Strategies under uncertainty', in the Department of Atmospheric and Ocean Sciences, University of Buenos Aires.

26 March 2013 - Pauline Barrieu spoke at the 'Extremes and Model Uncertainty - A Multidisciplinary Workshop', Imperial College.

21-22 March 2013 - Leonard Smith gave an invited talk on 'Unpopular Essays of Juergen Kurths: Practicalities and Predictability' at the Nonlinear Data Analysis and Modeling: Advances, Applications, Perspectives Conference|, Potsdam, Germany. Abstract|.

19 March 2013 - Erica Thompson gave a talk to a community group in Buckinghamshire on the subject of 'Climate Change: what we know and what we don't know'.  

18-20 March 2013 - Swenja Surminski hosted and chaired two science-practitioner sessions (session with science-practitioners interactions): ‘uncertainty and decision making’ and ‘Challenges to respond to loss and damage of climate change’ at the European Adaptation to Climate Change (ECCA) Conference|, Hamburg. Swenja also presented on ‘role of private sector in adaptation’. Ana Lopez gave a talk entitled  'Loss and damage: a physical science perspective', and David Stainforth and Nicola Ranger participated in a panel discussion entitled: 'Addressing Uncertainties in National Adaptation Strategies.' Synthesis Report|.

14 March 2013 - Nick Watkins gave an invited talk on 'Bunched Black Swans and the British Antarctic Survey' to the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications annual meeting|

13-14 March 2013 - David Stainforth gave a presentation at the EQUIP workshop: 'Strengthening resilience through improved treatment of uncertainty in weather, climate and impacts' at the Royal Society.  The title of the presentation was 'Equipping Users While Maintaining the Credibility of Science.' Slides|.

27 February 2013 - Jim Baker gave a presentation on the national security implications of the Climate Extremes report at a Climatedesk conference in Washington DC, Details|.

26-27 February 2013 - Leonard Smith took part in discussions with congressmen as part of the ASA Advisory Committee on Climate Change Policy (ACCCP) 3rd annual Climate Science Day 2013| meeting, Capitol Hill, Washington DC. The purpose is to provide a non-partisan opportunity for scientists of many disciplines to build relationships and provide Members of Congress access to the best possible climate science information.

25-27 February 2013 - Ana Lopez presented a statement entitled 'Are loss and damages climate stressors attributable to global warming?', at the UNU-EHS 'Perspectives on Loss & Damage: Society, Climate Change, and Decision Making' Conference, Bonn, Germany.

14-18 February 2013 - Leonard Smith gave an invited talk on 'Two-way communication with decision makers on uncertainties of climate science' at the AAAS Annual Meeting 2013|, Boston. Abstract|.

5 February 2013 - David Stainforth gave a seminar entitled: 'How big an ensemble do we need to quantify the climate of a climate model?', University of Chicago.

11 January 2013 - Nick Watkins gave a presentation on 'Dissipative and Non-dissipative Models for Correlated Wild Fluctuations in Complex Geosystems' at the NeSEE Conference|, Reading. Presentation slides|


3-7 December 2012 - Leonard Smith spoke at the AGU Fall Meeting 2012, San Francisco. His invited talk was on 'Queuing the wrong U?|'. Talk slides|, and he also delivered a talk with CATS Research Officer Emma Suckling, entitled 'Increasing the relevance of GCM simulations for Climate Services|'. Talk slides|.

December 2012 - Swenja Surminski gave an invited presentation on ‘risk engineering’ at the Meeting of the Working Group of the Climate Risk and Insurance (CR+I) Project of the Geneva Association, Zurich. Partner: industry.

21 November 2012 - Swenja Surminski led the LSE/Munich Re academic symposium on ‘Insurance in emerging markets: determinants of growth and the case of climate change?’ Conference proceedings published on CCCEP/GRI website|

12-16 November 2012 - Leonard Smith gave a talk on 'Guidance, Information or Probability Forecast: Where Do Ensembles Aim?|', and Emma Suckling gave a talk entitled 'The Pseudo-orbit Gradient Descent Ensemble Data Assimilation Method' at the International Conference on Ensemble Methods in Geophysical Sciences|, Toulouse, France.

12-13 November 2012 - Swenja Surminski gave an invited key note on role of private sector in adaptation at the Living With Environmental Change (LWEC) 1st Annual General Assembly 2012 ‘Supporting the Journey to Adaptation’, Aston University, Birmingham.

8-12 October 2012 - Leonard Smith gave a keynote speech entitled 'Predictability and Understanding of Our Climate Risk: Approximations, Bugs and Insight|' at the 8th IEEE International Conference on eScience, Chicago. Talk slides|.

4-5 October 2012 - Leonard Smith gave an invited talk at the Royal Society Theo Murphy International Scientific Meeting on ‘Handling uncertainty in weather and climate prediction, with application to health, agronomy, hydrology, energy and economics'. The talk was entitled 'Probabilistic prediction without probabilities|'.

25 September 2012 - Swenja Surminski gave an invited presentation at A4ID ‘Lawyers Eradicating Poverty|’ symposium on Loss and Damage – topic: legal and regulatory issues stemming from the loss and damage framework under the UNFCCC, London.

10-12 September 2012 - Leonard Smith gave a talk about the Ensemble Design Workshop| at NCAR. The talk was on 'Preface to rational resource allocation in operational forecasting|'.

6-17 August 2012 - Leonard Smith gave a talk at the NCAR workshop 'Uncertainty in Climate Change Research: An Integrated Approach', Boulder, Colorado. His talk was entitled 'Distinguishing uncertainty, diversity and insight|'.

25 June 2012 - Leonard Smith was a featured speaker at the 32nd Annual International Symposium on Forecasting|, Boston. His talk was entitled 'Predictability and Insight: Contrasting the achievable aims of forecasting in weather like cases and climate like cases'.

18-29 June 2012 - David Stainforth gave a series of lectures at the LSE Executive Summer School| on 'Climate Change: Economics and Governance|'.

9 June 2012 - Roman Frigg gave a keynote talk on ‘Clouds over Climate Modelling’ at the Bristol Graduate Conference on Philosophy and Climate Change|, University of Bristol.

6 June 2012 - Leonard Smith gave a talk at the 'Implications for Insurance of Model Dependency and Misuse|' event at Lloyd's Old Library, London. The event was held by the Financial Services Knowledge Transfer Network (FS KTN) and the Lighthill Risk Network, and Leonard Smith's talk was entitled 'Minimising Model "Misuse": Communicating both Imprecision and Inadequacy in Uncertainty Management'. Abstract|.

1 June 2012 - Reason Machete, a Visiting Fellow to CATS, gave a talk entitled 'Inflation forecasting: Approaching the calibration mirage|' at the Bank of England.

30 May 2012 - Roman Frigg gave a talk entitled ‘Die Kurzsichtigkeit Chaotischer Modelle’ ('The Myopia of chaotic models'), University of Bern, Switzerland.

17-18 May 2012 - Leonard Smith gave an invited talk entitled ‘Extreme Modelling, Extreme theories, Extreme Statistics and the understanding of Rare, Unusual, or Extreme Events’ at the Aggregation, Inference and Rare Events in the Natural and Socio-economic Sciences event, University of Warwick.

14-17 May 2012 - Ana Lopez gave a keynote talk on ‘Developing adaptation strategies under uncertainty: An example from the water sector’ in the Climate Change – Planning for Adaptation session at the IWA World Congress on Water, Climate and Energy|.

22-27 April 2012 - CATS presented talks and posters| at the EGU General Assembly 2012|, Vienna, Austria.

29 March 2012 - Ana Lopez gave a talk on ‘Using climate models to inform adaptation of climate change’, and held a debate with Professor Suraje Dessai in the annual Earth System Spring School|, Southampton.

15 March 2012 - Professor Michael Ghil presented a lecture at CATS entitled 'Coupled dynamic modelling of the economy and of the climate system|' as part of the Munich Re programme on Evaluating the economics of climate risks and opportunities in the insurance sector|.

9 March 2012 - Leonard Smith gave a talk entitled 'Probability Forecasting: Looking Under the Hood and at the Road Ahead|' at the Oxford University Mathematical Geoscience seminar.

26-27 March 2012 - Swenja Surminski presented a technical report on methods and tools for loss and damage assessment at the UNFCC expert meeting on Loss and Damage|, Tokyo.

15 March 2012 - Emma Suckling gave a talk entitled 'Do quantitative decadal forecasts from GCMs provide decision relevant skill?|', University of Reading.

8 March 2012 - Swenja Surminski participated in a panel discussion at the Colloquium on disaster risk transfer and adaptation| at the French Senate, Paris. She outlined insurance and adaptation examples from developing countries and the developed world. 

1 February 2012 - Leonard Smith took part in discussions with congressmen as part of the ASA Advisory Committee on Climate Change Policy (ACCCP) 2nd annual Climate Science Day 2012|, Capitol Hill, Washington DC.

February 2012 - Jerome Ellepola gave a talk entitled 'The Process Synthesis Tool: Optimum decision steering in a complex process space-GTL|’.

28 January 2012 - Leonard Smith gave the Keynote Presentation ‘When does Radical Uncertainty call for Regime Change?’ for the Rationality and Decisions Research Network Workshop: ‘Radical Uncertainty’, Munich, Germany.