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Talks Prior to 2006

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19 December 2005 - Leonard Smith 'Towards Intuitive Measures for Real-world Verification of Ensemble Forecasts (or: How much does a hi-resolution model run add to an ensemble?)', Naval Research Laboratory, Monterey, USA. Abstract.

14 December 2005 - Leonard Smith 'Betting on the Forecast: Methods for Risk Management, Information Identification, and Resource Allocation in an Ensemble Weather Prediction System', Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies (COLA), USA. Abstract


6-10 December 2004 - Liam Clarke 'How can we best combine forecasts for added value?', 1st THORPEX International Science Symposium, Montreal, Canada. Abstract Talk.

17 September 2004 - Anna Andrianova 'Better Risk Management Through Improved Empirical Insight', 'Risk and Regulation: Research Student Conference', CARR, LSE, London.  Abstract.

4-7 July 2004 - 24th International Symposium on Forecasting (ISF), Sydney, Australia.

2 July 2004 - Workshop on Forecasting and Applications, Brisbane, Australia.

25 May 2004 - Liam Clarke 'Detecting Unstable Periodic Orbits from Data Streams', Oxford. Abstract.

25 May 2004 - Liam Clarke 'Finding Unstable Periodic Orbits in Experimental Data', Oxford.

24-28 May 2004 - 9th International Meeting on Statistical Climatology (IMSC), Cape Town, South Africa.

11-13 May 2004 - Observational constraints on future climate: distinguishing robust from model-dependent statements of uncertainty in climate forecasting. Contribution to the IPCC Workshop on Communicating Uncertainty and Risk, County Kildare, Ireland.

20 May 2004 - Milena Cuellar 'Parameter Estimation', Wokingham, UK. Abstract.

25-30 April 2004 - CATS members gave various presentations at the EGU 1st General Assembly 2004, Nice, France. See CATS at EGU 2004.

WCRP (World Climate Research Programme) Feedback Workshop


November 2003 - Anna Andrianova 'Ensemble Random Analog Prediction method and testing ERAP using fake weather data', Statistics Seminar Series, LSE, London. Abstract.

28 November 2003 - Milena Cuellar 'Parameter Estimation of Chaotic Time Series', London. Abstract.

24 November 2003 - Milena Cuellar 'Performance of MCMC Techniques on Surrogate Data', Oxford. Abstract.


6-10 December 2002 - AGU Fall Meeting 2002, San Francisco, USA.

2-3 December 2002 - DEMETER 2002, Paris.

26 November 2002 - Milena Cuellar 'Bayesian Inference for Deterministic Systems', Oxford. Abstract.

1 October 2002 - NERC FREE (Forecasting Risk From Extreme Events) Town Meeting, London.

27 September 2002 - Milena Cuellar 'Performance of MCMC Techniques for Parameter Estimation of Non-linear Dynamical Systems', North Carolina, USA.