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CATS at EGU 2007

European Geosciences Union General Assembly|,Vienna, 15-20 April 2007

CATS members gave a number of presentations at EGU 2007. Abstracts submitted to EGU 2007 sessions:

Nonlinear processes in geophysics (NP)

Simple dynamical models from data: a tool for parametrizations and diagnostics (NP4.03)

Cuellar, M.C., Du, H., Judd, K. and Smith, L.A. (2007) 'Parameter Estimation in Nonlinear Systems using Shadowing Time|'

Quantifying predictability (NP5.01)

Andrianova, A., Binter, R. and Smith, L.A. (2007) 'Benchmarks for Weather Forecasts in the medium range and beyond|'

Binter, R., Broecker, J., Penzer, J. and Smith, L.A. (2007) 'Contrasting methods of ensemble interpretation|'

Broecker, J. and Smith, L.A. (2007) 'Increasing Reliability of Reliability Diagrams|'

Broecker, J. and Smith, L.A. (2007) 'On the relative value of a High Resolution Forecast in an Ensemble Prediction System|'

Broecker, J. and Smith, L.A. (2007) 'Scoring Probabilistic Forecasts: The Importance of Being Proper|'

Smith, L.A., Du, H., Binter, R., Clarke, L. and Broecker, J. (2007) 'A framework for investigating: "How large should an ensemble be?|'

Machete, R., Broecker, J., Kilminster, D., Smith, L.A. and Moroz, I.M. (2007) 'Quantifying Predictability using Multiple Ensembles under different Models: Limitations on the value of Probabilistic Forecasting|'

Data assimilation in the presence of nonlinearities (NP5.02)

Broecker, J. and Smith, L.A. (2007) 'From Ensembles to Predictive Distribution Functions|'

Du, H. and Smith, L.A. (2007) 'Data assimilation: using Indistinguishable States to solve Berliner's problem of chaotic likelihoods|'

Du, H., Judd, K., Khare, S. and Smith, L.A. (2007) 'Nowcasting with Indistinguishable States|'

Climate: past, present and future (CL)

Monthly, seasonal and decadal forecasting (CL2)

Higgins, S., Broecker, J., Clarke, L., Judd, K., Weisheimer, A. and Smith, L.A. (2007) 'Blending ensembles from multiple models|'

Probabilistic Forecasts of Climate and the Potential Impacts of Climate Change (CL20)

Broecker, J. and Smith, L.A. (2007) 'Software for Constructing Forecasts from Ensembles: the EMTOOL|'

Cuellar, M.C. and Lopez, A. (2007) 'Extraction of uncertain information and potential impacts from a GCMs Physical Ensemble|'

Smith, L.A. (2007) 'Relating the diversity in our models to the uncertainty in our future|'

Smith, L.A., Tredger, E., Penzer, J. and Stainforth, D. (2007) 'Urns and experimental design in climate science|'

Tredger, E., Smith, L.A. and Stainforth, D. (2007) 'The impact of initial conditions in climate modelling|'

Climate Models Intercomparison: Dynamics and Physical Processes (CL40)

Lopez, A., Cuellar, M.C. and Lizcano, G. (2007) 'Towards a consistent dynamics in a GCM perturbed physics ensemble|'

Hawellek, D. and Smith, L.A. (2007) 'Tracing the history of estimated climate sensitivity|'

Tredger, E., Smith, L.A. and Stainforth, D. (2007) 'Investigating variations in heat flux adjustment in the climatepredition.net ensemble|'