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CATS at AGU 2013

American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, 9-13 December 2013

CATS members gave the following presentations at the AGU Fall Meeting 2013:

Smith, L.A. 'Predictability, Probability(s) and Physical Insight: Probability for weather and climate.' Abstract|.

Smith, L.A. 'UQ for Decision Making: How (at least five) Kinds of Probability Might Come into Play.'

Thompson, E.L. and Smith L.A. 'Consequences of the Hawkmoth Effect: Explicit subjective judgements about uncertain model-system relationships improve policy relevance of climate model output.' Abstract|. Poster|.

Sienkiewicz, E.A., Thompson, E.L. and Smith L.A. 'Consistency of regional climate projections with the global conditions that stimulated them.' Abstract|. Poster|.

Suckling, E., Thompson, E.L. and Smith, L.A. 'Tracking Expected Improvements of Decadal Prediction in Climate Services.' Abstract|.