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Munich Re Technical Papers


'Probabilistic skill in ensemble seasonal forecasts' 
Leonard A. Smith, Hailiang Du, Emma B. Suckling and Falk Niehörster (Technical Paper 20, February 2014)
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'An evaluation of decadal probability forecasts from state-of-the-art climate models'
Emma B. Suckling and Leonard A. Smith (Technical Paper 19, October 2013)
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'Do flood insurance schemes in developing countries provide incentives to reduce physical risks?'
Swenja Surminski and Delioma Oramas-Dorta (Technical Paper 18, July 2013)
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'Laplace's Demon and climate change'
Roman Frigg, Seamus Bradley, Hailiang Du and Leonard Smith (Technical Paper 17, January 2013)  Abstract     Full paper

'Ambiguity and insurance: robust capital requirements and premiums'
Oliver Walker and Simon Dietz (Technical Paper 16, November 2012)
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'The roles of public and private actors in the governance of adaptation: the case of agricultural insurance in India'
Susannah Fisher and Swenja Surminski (Technical Paper 15, September 2012)
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'Policy indexes - what do they tell us and what are their applications? The case of climate policy and business planning in emerging markets'
Swenja Surminski and Andrew Williamson (Technical Paper 14, September 2012)
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'Pattern scaled climate change scenarios: are these useful for adaptation?'
Ana Lopez, Leonard Smith and Emma Suckling (Technical Paper 13, December 2011)
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'A preliminary assessment of the impact of climate change on non-life insurance demand in the BRICS economies'
Nicola Ranger and Swenja Surminski (Technical Paper 12, September 2011) Abstract     Full paper

'Forecasting non-life insurance demand in the BRICS economies: a preliminary evaluation of the impacts of income and climate change'
Nicola Ranger and Andrew Williamson (Technical Paper 11, September 2011)
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'A representation result for choice under conscious unawareness'
Oliver Walker and Simon Dietz (Technical Paper 10, September 2011)
Abstract     Full paper

'Scientific Uncertainty: A User's Guide'
Seamus Bradley (Technical Paper 9, August 2011)
Abstract     Full paper

'Deep uncertainty in long-term hurricane risk: scenario generation and implications for future climate experiments'
Nicola Ranger and Falk Niehoerster (Technical Paper 8, July 2011)
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'Integrated EUA and CER price modelling and application for spread option pricing'
Pauline Barrieu and Max Fehr (Technical Paper 7, March 2011)
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'Normalizing Economic Loss from Natural Disasters: A Global Analysis'
Eric Neumayer and Fabian Barthel (Technical Paper 6, November 2010)
Abstract    Full paper

'A Trend Analysis of Normalized Insured Economic Damage from Natural Disasters'
Fabian Barthel and Eric Neumayer (Technical Paper 5, November 2010)
Abstract     Full paper

'Ambiguity and climate policy'
Anthony Miller, Simon Dietz and Geoffrey Heal (Technical Paper 4, December 2010)
Abstract     Full paper

'Properly designed emissions trading schemes do work!'
René Carmona, Max Fehr and Juri Hinz (Technical Paper 3, November 2009)
Abstract    Full paper

'High impact, low probability? An empirical analysis of risk in the economics of climate change'
Simon Dietz (Technical Paper 2, September 2009)
Abstract     Full paper

'Economic policy when models disagree' 
Pauline Barrieu and Bernard Sinclair Desgagné (Technical Paper 1, July 2009)
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