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Challenging Radical Uncertainty in Science, Society and the Environment

RCUK Decision-Making under Uncertainty Network

Principal Investigator: Professor David Tuckett (UCL)
Co-Investigator: Professor Leonard Smith (LSE)

Funded by: RCUK 'Decision-making Under Uncertainty' Network call
Project duration: January 2017 - December 2018
Grant reference: EP/P016847/1


CRUISSE is one of two networks funded by RCUK Decision-Making Under Uncertainty (DMUU). The goal of the CRUISSE network is to develop and build widespread linkages between disciplines related to decision-making under uncertainty to lay the groundwork to form a potential RCUK Decision-Making Under Uncertainty (DMUU) Research and Evidence Hub (the 'Hub') whose function will be to co-ordinate expertise and to offer and further develop tools to facilitate resilient and effective decision-making across a full range of real world uncertainty and practice contexts. The value of such a hub will be tested through feasibility projects and interaction with practitioners in government, industry and civil society. It aims to meet the need to collate and publish relevant materials and manuals via a website and have the capacity to respond to immediate, intermediate and long term consultation, research and training requirements. CRUISSE will begin by establishing a highly multidisciplinary network of academics and professionals who will work upwards from real world practice to develop and test the feasibility of two DMUU dynamically evolving tool sets: a Triage procedure and a Code of Practice.




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The first Network Conference was held on 21-22 September 2017  at UCL, London 

Conference Programme

Contact us: CRUISSE@ucl.ac.uk