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Recent consultancies

  Climate consultancies group: CATS, with its academic partners in Oxford, Exeter and Perth, have provided information on state of the art climate modelling, and how it may impact our industrial and policy partners (including EDF, National Grid, EON, the Stern Review).


CATS are working with EDF to provide decision support tools for their energy traders.


CATS are working with the NHS| to investigate alternative methods of communicating trust performance statistics.


CATS are working with SSE| to provide decision support tools for their energy traders


The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts| (ECMWF) is an international organisation supported by 23 European States, based in Reading, west of London. CATS has an ongoing relationship with ECMWF investigating issues such as: extracting user-relevant information from forecasts, determining the economic value of weather forecast improvement and the interpretation of probabilistic information from multiple models.


CATS have carried out investigations into customer performance metrics on behalf of
IG Index Financial|


Deutscher Wetterdienst|


CATS have worked with the UK Passport Service to investigate the seasonal demand for passports.


CATS have worked with Shell| to investigate a number of industry specific weather impacts.


CATS have worked with Refugee Action| which has over 25 years' experience in the reception, resettlement, development and integration of asylum seekers and refugees. Refugee Action's Asylum Advice teams provide a reception service for newly arrived asylum seekers, as well as advice and advocacy. Our Choices service provides independent advice to asylum seekers considering returning voluntarily to their country of origin.