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Academic and industrial partnerships

DEMETER DEMETER (Development of a European Multimodel Ensemble system for seasonal to inTERannual prediction) was an EU-funded project, whose object was to develop a well-validated European coupled multi-model ensemble forecast system for reliable seasonal to interannual prediction.
Climateprediction.net Climateprediction.net is an experiment distributed over the World Wide Web that aims to quantify uncertainty in climate predictions. Dr David Stainforth, project coordinator of climateprediction.net, is a Co-director of CATS.
OCIAM The Oxford Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics is the Oxford base for CATS Director Professor Leonard Smith and Visiting Research Fellow, Dr Mark Roulston.
UCL The DIME project was in partnership with University College London.
The Smith Institute The Smith Institute managed both the DIME and REMIND projects.
ECMWF The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts works closely with CATS and Professor Leonard Smith in particular.
Met Office The UK Met Office was an industrial partner on the DIME project.
AOPP Oxford University's Atmospheric Oceanic and Planetary Physics department holds a joint Eurogrant with CATS.