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Academic and industrial partnerships

DEMETER| DEMETER (Development of a European Multimodel Ensemble system for seasonal to inTERannual prediction) is an EU-funded project, whose object is to develop a well-validated European coupled multi-model ensemble forecast system for reliable seasonal to interannual prediction.
Climateprediction.net| Climateprediction.net is an experiment distributed over the World Wide Web that aims to quantify uncertainty in climate predictions. Dr David Stainforth|, project coordinator of climateprediction.net, is a Co-director of CATS.
OCIAM| The Oxford Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics is the Oxford base for CATS Director Professor Leonard Smith and Visiting Research Fellow, Dr Mark Roulston.
UCL| The DIME project is in partnership with University College London.
The Smith Institute| The Smith Institute manages both the DIME and REMIND projects.
ECMWF| The European Centre for Medium Range Weather Prediction works closely with CATS and Professor Leonard Smith in particular.
UKMO| The United Kingdom Meteorological Office is an industrial partner on the DIME project.
AOPP| Oxford University's Atmospheric Oceanic and Planetary Physics department holds a joint Eurogrant with CATS.