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Volume 9 No 4 December 1958


  • Life Situation and Subculture: A Comparison of Merited Prestige Judgments by Three Occupational Classes in Britain, Ralph H Turner
  • Bias in Psychology: Institutional Sources, W H N Hotopf
  • The Measurement of Housing Need, J B Cullingworth
  • Kinship in Anglo-Saxon Society: II, Lorraine Lancaster

Review article

Author Title Reviewer
Fritz Morstein Marx The Administrative State W A Robson

Books reviewed

Pages 381-389

Author Title Reviewer
Ralph H Turner, Lewis M Killian Collective Behaviour J Rex
C A Moser Survey Methods in Social Investigation Leslie Wilkins
A T Welford Ageing and Human Skill Stephen Griew
Terence Morris The Criminal Area John Spencer
John R Seeley Community Chest. A Case Study in Philanthropy D V Donnison
E W Hofstee Rural Life and Rural Welfare in the Netherlands D V Donnison
Madeleine Guilbert, Viviane Isambert-Jamati Travail Féminin et travail à domicile. Enquête sur le travail à domicile de la confection féminin dans la région parisienne John Mogey
J J Spengler, O Dudley Duncan Demographic Analysis: Selected Readings E Grebenik
J J Spengler, O Dudley Duncan Population Theory and Policy. Selected Readings E Grebenik
Rushton Coulborn Feudalism in History A R Bridbury
John U Nef Cultural Foundations of Industrial Civilization D C Coleman