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Volume 9 No 2 June 1958


  • Karl Pearson: Socialist and Darwinist, Bernard Semmel
  • Kinship and Social Legislation, Peter Willmott
  • Oligarchy in the British Communist Party, G W Grainger
  • Some Sociological Determinants of Perception: An Enquiry into Sub-Cultural Differences, B Bernstein

Books reviewed

Pages 175-200

Author Title Reviewer
  The Pursuit of the Millennium in Melanesia L P Mair
Peter Worsley The Trumpet Shall Sound; A Study of 'Cargo' Cults in Melanesia L P Mair
Helmuth Plessner Untersuchungen zur Lage der Deutschen Hochschullehrer Jean Floud
  Studies of the Family L Lancaster
Elizabeth Bott Family and Social Network Rosalind Chambers
Mabel Tylecote The Mechanics' Institutes of Lancashire and Yorkshire before 1851 T C Barker
Thomas Kelly George Birkbeck T C Barker
A F Young, E T Ashton British Social Work in the Nineteenth Century Rosalind Chambers
M E M Herford Youth at Work D R Price-Williams
Madeline Rooff Voluntary Societies and Social Policy D V Donnison
D R Denman Origins of Ownership. A Brief History of Land Ownership and Tenure from Earliest Times to the Modern Era A R Bridbury
R K Kelsall 'The Growth of Government'. Planning J P Martin
  Groups, Regions and Committees J P Martin
Louis Dumont Hierarchy and Marriage Alliance in South Indian Kinship E R Leach
Douglas L Oliver A Solomon Island Society James Spillius
Paul Bohannan Justice and Judgement among the Tiv C A Ackah
C A Moser The Measurement of Levels of Living with Special Reference to Jamaica T S Simey
Edith Clarke Development towards Self-Government in the Caribbean
My Mother Who Fathered Me
T S Simey
Cyril S Belshaw The Great Village Phyllis Kaberry
T K N Unnithan Gandhi in Free India: A Socio-Economic Study Marian W Smith
Ronald Fletcher Instinct in Man W H N Hotopf
T H Pear Personality Appearance and Speech E M Eppel
Anne Roe The Psychology of Occupations D R Price-Williams
H J Eysenck The Dynamics of Anxiety and Hysteria J C Read

Book notes

Author Title Reviewer
H M Jolles Wien-Stadt ohne Nachwuchs. Sozialwissenschaftliche Betrachtungen über den Geburtenrueckgang in der alten Donaustadt J H W
T R Batten Communities and Their Development. An Introductory Study with Special Reference to the Tropics J R
George W Roberts The Population of Jamaica: An Analysis of Its Structure and Growth C A M
Muzafer Sherif, Carolyn W Sherif An Outline of Social Psychology G J
Kimball Young Handbook of Social Psychology G J
T Ferguson, J Cunnison In Their Early Twenties: A Study of Glasgow Youth J P M
A F Philp, Noel Timms The Problem of 'The Problem Family' A T