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Volume 8 No 3 September 1957


  • Social Conflict and the Theory of Social Change, Lewis A Coser
  • Notes on the Use of Statistics in Social Administration, J P Martin
  • Primitive States, Phyllis Kaberry
  • Social Stratification and Intellectual Roles in the Negro Community, Wilson Record
  • A Sociological Theory of Economic Administration, W Baldamus
  • A Mathematical Presentation of Israel's Political Parties, T M Goodland

Review article

Author Title Reviewer
  Ice-Breaking for Sociologists S J Gould

Books reviewed

Pages 274-289

Author Title Reviewer
  Archives de Sociologie des Religions B R Wilson
Jerzy Zubrzycki Polish Immigrants in Britain S Andrzejewski
Gerald Reitlinger S S Alibi of a Nation 1922-1945 S J Gould
Blaine E Mercer The American Community Robert Gutman
William Petersen Planned Migration--The Social Determinants of the Dutch-Canadian Movement S N Eisenstadt
V Liege Migrations provoquées et problèmes sociaux de mobilité ouvriere S N Eisenstadt
Benjamin Malzberg, Everett S Lee Migration and Mental Disease. A Study of First Admission to Hospitals for Mental Disease S N Eisenstadt
P K Whelpton Cohort Fertility: Native White Women in the United States E Grebenik
Horage Belshaw Population Growth and Levels of Consumption with Special Reference to Countries in Asia E Grebenik
G Adnet, P Minon Contribution à l'étude des professions universitaires: Les ingéneurs en 1955 J A Banks
L Derwa La profession des Docteurs en droit sortis de l'Université de Liège de 1899 à 1949 J A Banks
John D Handyside An Experiment with Supervisory Training Nancy Seear
E H Winter Bwamba: A Structural-Functional Analysis of a Patrilineal Society L P Mair
J C Mitchell The Yao Village L P Mair
Raymond T Smith The Negro Family in British Guiana: Family Structure and Social Status in the Villages S N Eisenstadt
John Useem, Rugh Hill Useem The Western Educated Man in India S N Eisenstadt
George C Homans, David M Schneider Marriage, Authority, and Final Causes, a Study of Unilateral Cross-Cousin Marriage Maurice Freedman
Flora Beck Ten Patients and an Almoner Rosalind Chambers
John Bartlow Martin Break Down the Walls! Hermann Mannheim
I Gadourek A Dutch Community John Madge
Sidney Schoeffler The Failures of Economics G Morton

Book notes

Author Title Reviewer
The Acton Society Trust The Impact of Change B A-S
Roberto Bachi Scripta Hierosolymitana M F