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Volume 8 No 2 June 1957

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  • The British Sociological Association Conference, 1957
    • [Introduction], Ronald Fletcher
    • Social Theory: Retrospect and Prospect, Donald G MacRae
    • The Role-Set: Problems in Sociological Theory, Robert K Merton
    • Social Investigation: Past Achievements and Present Difficulties, T S Simey
    • Primordial, Personal, Sacred and Civil Ties: Some Particular Observations on the Relationships of Sociological Research and Theory, Edward Shils
    • Social Research and Social Policy in the Nineteenth Century, O R McGregor
    • Sociology and Social Policy, G D H Cole
    • Reports of Group Discussions, Olive Banks, D V Donnison, Maurice Freedman, T P Morris
  • The Social Grading of Occupations in Brazil, Bertram Hutchinson

Books reviewed

Pages 190-196

Author Title Reviewer
Hermann Mannheim Group Problems in Crime and Punishment John Mack
Hermann Mannheim, Leslie T Wilkins Prediction Methods in Relation to Borstal Training John Mack
R N Saksena India's Villages M W Smith
R N Saksena Social Economy of a Polyandrous People M W Smith
Henry Desroche Les Shakers américains T B Bottomore
N Dennis, F Henriques, C Slaughter Coal Is Our Life W C E Gregory
D Daiches Raphael Moral Judgment Ernest Gellner
Luke Ebersole American Society. An Introductory Analysis A Tropp
William G McLoughlin, Jr Billy Sunday Was His Real Name Bryan R Wilson
Alfred G Steer, Jr Goethe's Social Philosophy H S Reiss
D M Wilner, B P Walkley, S W Cook Human Relations in Interracial Housing Anthony H Richmond