Volume 8 No 1 March 1957


  • The Independent Members of British Wages Councils and Boards, F J Bayliss
  • Social Class and the Ranking of Occupations, C J Adcock, L B Brown
  • Intelligence Tests, Social Class and Selection for Secondary Schools, Jean Floud, A H Halsey
  • A F Bentley's Inquiries into the Behavioural Sciences and the Theory of Scientific Inquiry, Sidney Ratner
  • The State and the Child in Sixteenth-Century England-II, I Pinchbeck

Review article

Author Title Reviewer
Alva Myrdal, Viola Klein Women's Two Roles Olive Banks
Alva Myrdal, Viola Klein Women's Two Roles: Home and Work Olive Banks

Books reviewed

Pages 81-94

Author Title Reviewer
Mark Benney, A P Gray, R H Pear How People Vote: A Study of Electoral Behaviour in Greenwich P A Bromhead
Morris Janowitz, Dwaine Marvick Competitive Pressure and Democratic Consent P A Bromhead
Angus Campbell, Homer C Cooper Group Differences in Attitudes and Votes P A Bromhead
Arthur Kornhauser, Albert J Mayer, Harold L Sheppard When Labor Votes P A Bromhead
Morris Ginsberg Reason and Experience in Ethics D D Raphael
J M Mogey Family and Neighbourhood Tom Brennan
Ralph Pieris Sinhalese Social Organisation; The Kandyan Period E R Leach
Arnold Gehlen Urmensch und Spätkultur V G Childe
Political and Economic Planning Graduate Employment, a Sample Survey J A Banks
  Social Case Work in Marital Problems: The Development of a Psychodynamic Approach Rosalind Chambers
A E Bennett The Practice of Psychiatry in General Hospitals J C Read
Richard W Wallen Clinical Psychology: The Study of Persons J C Read
Calvin S Hall A Primer of Freudian Psychology J C Read
I C Jackson Advance in Africa L P Mair