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Volume 7 No 4 December 1956


  • The State and the Child in Sixteenth Century England, I Pinchbeck
  • A Comparative Approach to Incest and Adultery, Jack Goody
  • Mechanisms of Control in Local Trade Unions, Arnold S Tannenbaum
  • The Ethics of Trade Union Leaders, V L Allen
  • Social Grading by Manual Workers, Michael Young; Peter Willmott
  • The Social Structure of a Canadian Community: A Case Study in the Analysis of Social Structure for Limited Purposes, David Donnison

Books reviewed

Pages 352-360

Author Title Reviewer
R T McKenzie British Political Parties S E Finer
Peter M Blau The Dynamics of Bureaucracy. A Study of Interpersonal Relations in Two Government Agencies John Mogey
Clinton Rossiter Conservatism in America R H Pear
Sigmund Neumann, Max Gustav Lange,
Gerhard Schulz, Klaus Schuetz,
Arnold Bauer, Rudolf Holzgraeber, Martin Virchow
Parteien in der Bundes-Republik: Studien zur Entwicklung der Deutschen Parteien bis zur Bundestagswahl 1953 Arnold J Heidenheimer
H J Eysenck The Psychology of Politics Maurice L Farber
Malcolm G Taylor The Administration of Health Insurance in Canada Richard M Titmuss
F Bentley, Sidney Ratner Inquiry into Inquiries Ernest Gellner
Robert Redfield The Little Community Gloria Wright
W M Williams The Sociology of an English Village: Gosforth  
J Jean Hecht The Domestic Servant Class in Eighteenth-Century England J Fisher

Book notes

Author Title Reviewer
  Minority Groups: Segregation and Integration A H R
Institute for Social Research The Baumanville Community:  A Study of Family Life of Urban Africans A H R
J C Rees Mill and His Early Critics H R G G
M I Finley The World of Odysseus D G M
Dennis H Wrong Population D G M
Peter M Blau Bureaucracy in Modern Society D G M
C Wendell King Social Movement in the United States D G M
Gresham M Sykes Crime and Society D G M
Michael Landmann Philosophische Anthropologie. Menschliche Selbstdeutung in Geschichte und Gegenwart E G
Edward Glover The Technique of Psycho-Analysis D G M