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Volume 7 No 3 September 1956


  • The Morton Commission: A Social and Historical Commentary, O R McGregor
  • Indians in East Africa: A Study in a Plural Society, Stephen Morris
  • Snobbery, Ernest Van Den Haag
  • Islam and the Orientalists: Some Recent Discussions, Elie Kedourie
  • Problems of Involvement and Detachment, Norbert Elias

Review article

Author Title Reviewer
  Administration and Sociology in Dutch Indonesia H Th Chabot
J C van Leur Indonesian Trade and Society H Th Chabot
B Schrieke Indonesian Sociological Studies H Th Chabot

Books reviewed

Pages 259-272

Author Title Reviewer
G D H Cole Studies in Class Structure Julius Gould
Alain Touraine L'Evolution du travail ouvrier aux usines Renault  
I Meyerson, J P Vernant, A Soboul,
J Dautry, G Friedmann, A Touraine,
P Naville, J D Reynaud, M Reuchlin,
S Pacaud, M Lefetz, J Morin, J Vincent
Le travail, les métiers, l'emploi T B Bottomore
Ralf Dahrendorf Industrie- und Betriebssoziologie W Baldamus
Alan J A Elliott Chinese Spirit-Medium Cults in Singapore Bryan Wilson
McKim Marriott, Robert Redfield,
Milton Singer
Village India: Studies in the Little Community Marian W Smith
Harry B Hawthorn The Doukhobors of British Columbia Bryan Wilson
Pierre De Schlippe Shifting Cultivation in Africa: The Zande System of Agriculture John R Raeburn
T T Paterson Morale in War and Work J H Smith
Brian Abel-Smith, Richard M Titmuss The Cost of the National Health Service in England and Wales T Ferguson
Isaiah Berlin Historical Inevitability Ernest Gellner
Harry Stack Sullivan The Psychiatric Interview J Read
Melanie Klein, Paula Heimann,
Roger Money-Kyrle
New Directions in Psycho-Analysis J Read
Kenneth Soddy Mental Health and Infant Development J Read
Roger G Barker, Herbert F Wright Midwest and Its Children: The Psychological Ecology of an American Town Duncan Mitchell
Otto G Hoiberg Exploring the Small Community Duncan Mitchell
Margaret Hasluck, J H Hutton The Unwritten Law in Albania Ernest Gellner