Volume 7 No 1 March 1956


  • Sociology and the Study of Values, Arnold M Rose
  • Social Science, Peter Winch
  • Family Allowances, Neville D Vandyk
  • Employment of Sociology and Anthropology Graduates, 1952 and 1954, J A Banks, O L Banks

Review article

Author Title Reviewer
  Some Reflections on the Sociology of Knowledge T B Bottomore
Paul Kecskemeti Essays on the Sociology of Knowledge (1952) and Essays on Sociology and Social Psychology (1953) T B Bottomore

Books reviewed

Pages 59-75

Author Title Reviewer
  Anthropology Today T H Marshall
  Anthropology Today: An Encyclopaedic Inventory T H Marshall
Friedrich Pollock Gruppenexperiment W Baldamus
Theodor W Adorno, Walter Dirks Betriebsklima W Baldamus
Hans Gerth, C Wright Mills Character and Social Structure T B Bottomore
Talcott Parsons, Robert F Bales Family, Socialization and Interaction Process T H Marshall
G W Jordan, E M Fisher Self-Portrait of Youth Rosalind Chambers
Bertram Hutchinson Old People in a Modern Australian Community Rosalind Chambers
  Neighbourhood and Community John Madge
P E P World Population and Resources  
G Balandier Sociologie Actuelle de l'Afrique Noire L P Mair
T Gladwin, S B Sarason Truk: Man in Paradise James Spillius
G B MacPherson Democracy in Alberta R T McKenzie
H Piéron L'Utilisation des Aptitudes D R Price-Williams
O A Oeser Teacher, Pupil, and Task: Elements of Social Psychology Applied to Education K G Collier

Book notes

Author Title Reviewer
E Shils, M Rheinstein Max Weber on Law in Economy and Society D G M
Ferdinand Tönnies Community and Association D G M
  Acta Sociologica D G M
G Balandier Sociologie des Brazzavilles Noires P G K
B Schrieke, W Van Hoeve Indonesian Sociological Studies D G M
Harald Höffding A History of Modern Philosophy D G M