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Volume 62 June 2011


June 2011




Books reviewed 


Author Book title Reviewer

Brionstein, Jamie.L.

Caught in the Machinery: Workplace Accidents and Injured Workers in Nineteenth-Centry Britain

J.F. Witt

Castells, Manuel

Communication Power

Nick Couldry

Grief, Geoffrey, L.

Buddy System: Understanding Male Friendships

Ray Pahl

Kaufmann, Jean-Claude

The Single Woman and the Fairytale Prince

Jill Reynolds

Petryna, Adriana

When Experiments Travel: Clinical Trials and the Global Search for Human Subjects

David Reubi

Shiner, Michael

Drug Use and Social Change: The Distortion of History

Andy Furlong

Welsh, Brandon C.

Making Public Places Safer: Surveillance and Crime Prevention

Ben Goold

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