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Volume 6 No 4 December 1955


  • Societal Facts, Maurice Mandelbaum
  • The Problem Family: A Sociological Approach, W Baldamus; Noel Timms
  • The Orientations of Electoral Sociology in France, Georges Dupeux
  • Arbitration and Industrial Conflict, David Lockwood
  • Some Developments in Prediction Methodology in Applied Social Research, Leslie T Wilkins

Review article

Author Title Reviewer
Robert Prigent The Family: Two French Studies Gertrude Willoughby

Books reviewed

Pages 369-392

Author Title Reviewer
Max Gluckman Gluckman on the Judicial Process of the Barotse T H Marshall
W A Robson Great Cities of the World Asa Briggs
T Brennan, E W Cooney, H Pollins Social Change in South-West Wales Julius Gould
Geoffrey Gorer Exploring English Character John Mack
Olive Banks Parity and Prestige in English Secondary Education A K C Ottaway
University of Liverpool
Department of Social Science
The Dock Worker Tom Burns
Ely Chinoy Automobile Workers and the American Dream V L Allen
Fernand Boulard Premiers Intinéraires en Sociologie Religieuse Norman Birnbaum
Broom, Selznick Sociology D G Macrae
T Cauter, J S Downham The Communication of Ideas. A Study of Contemporary Influences on Urban Life John Highet
S C Dube Indian Village Marian W Smith
Ram Swarup Communism and Peasantry: Implications of Collectivist Agriculture for Asian Countries G L Arnold
J B Mays Growing up in the City John Spencer
Pearl Jephcott Some Young People John Spencer
Alfred H Stanton, Morris S Schwartz The Mental Hospital J C Read
Manchester Mental Nursing Survery The Work of the Mental Nurse J C Read
World Health Organization Hospitalisation of Mental Patients J C Read
Georges Gurvitch Déterminismes sociaux et liberté humaine T B Bottomore
Georg Simmel Conflict and the Web of Group Affiliations D G Macrae
John Gillin For a Science of Social Man: Convergencies in Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology Donald G MacRae
Isaiah Berlin Historical Inevitability Ernest Gellner
Ernst F J Zahn Toynbee und das Problem der Geschichte: eine Auseinandersetzung mit dem Evolutionismus Martin Wight
Herbert S Dinerstein Two Studies in Soviet Controls: Communism and the Russian Peasant Leonard Schapiro
Leon Gouŕě, Herbert S Dinerstein Moscow in Crisis Leonard Schapiro
L v Wiese (ed) Die Entwicklung der Kriegswaffen und ihr Zusammenhang mit der Sozialordnung S Andrzejewski
A M Cartter The Redistribution of Income in Post-War Britain Brian Abel-Smith
David M Potter People of Plenty. Economic Abundance and the American Character S Andrzejewski