Volume 6 No 1 March 1955


  • Collectivism Reconsidered, G L Arnold
  • Radcliffe-Brown's Contributions to the Study of Social Organization, Meyer Fortes
  • An African Elite: A Sample Survey of Fifty-Two Former Students of Makerere College in East Africa, J E Goldthorp
  • The Social Position of Women in England, 1850-1914: A Bibliography, O R McGregor
  • Social Class Structure in a Fluctuating Community: A Study of an Aspect of the Jewish Community in Israel, M Roshwald
  • The Social Background of a West African Student Population: II, Gustav Jahoda

Review article

Author Title Reviewer
  The Scope of Industrial Relations J H Smith
J Henry Richardson An Introduction to the Study of Industrial Relations J H Smith
Allan Flanders, H A Clegg The System of Industrial Relations in Great Britain J H Smith
H A Clegg General Union: A Study of the National Union of General and Municipal Workers J H Smith

Books reviewed

Pages 85-90

Author Title Reviewer
Reinhard Bendix, S M Lipset Class, Status and Power J Floud
Margot Jefferys Mobility in the Labour Market W Campbell Balfour
John C Spencer Crime and the Services J P Martin
F Le Gros Clark The Working Fitness of Older Men--A Study of Men over Sixty in the Building Industry Kathleen M Slack
Frede Castberg The Norwegian Way of Life Sverre Lysgaard
V D Lipman Social History of the Jews in England 1850-1950 A Tropp
David Granick Management of the Industrial Firm in the USSR: A Study in Soviet Economic Planning R W Davies
Mary Smith Baba of Karo--A Woman of the Moslem Hausa Sheila Patterson

Book notes

Author Title Reviewer
  Domestic Food Consumption and Expenditure, 1952 N H C
  Bulletin of the World Health Organization N H C