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Volume 58 No 3 September 2007

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Social Stratification

Additional Papers

Review Essay

Books reviewed

Pages 495-517

Author Title Reviewer
M Billig Laughter and Ridicule: Towards a Social Critique of Humour Moira Smith
M Cavdino and J Dignan Penal Systems: A Comparative Approach Barbara Mason
A Coyle Understanding Prisons: Key Issues in Policy and Practice Barbara Mason
N Crossley Contesting Psychiatry, Social Movements in Mental Health Nick Manning
P Edwards and J Wacjman The Politics of Working Life Rosemary Crompton
S Fuller The New Sociological Imagination Peter Baehr
R Gartner Marking Time in the Golden State: Women's Imprisonment in California Barbara Mason
S Grosby (ed.) A Fragment of a Sociological Autobiography: The History of My Pursuit of a Few Ideas, by Edward Shils David Martin
M Hammersley Media Bias in Reporting Social Research? The Case of Reviewing Ethnic Inequalities in Education Louise Archer
A Howson Embodying Gender Karen Throsby
BA Jacobs and R Wright Street Justice: Retaliation in the Criminal Underworld Rob Hornsby
N Lee Childhood and Human Value Mavis Maclean
R Mouer and H Kwanishi A Sociology of Work in Japan Hiroshi Ono
D Neyland Privacy, Surveillance and Public Trust Kirstie Ball
C Offe Reflections on America. Tocqueville, Weber and Adorno in the United States Matthias Benzer
D Smith Institutional Ethnography Rachel Aldred
D Smith (ed.)  Institutional Ethnography As Practice Rachel Aldred
F Tonkiss Contemporary Economic Sociology: Globalisation, Production, Inequality Min-Dong Paul Lee
F Tonkiss Space, the City and Social Theory David Wilson
M Verweij and M Thompson (eds) Clumsy Solutions for a Complex World: Governanace, Politics and Plural Perceptions Michalis Lianos
NH Wolfinger Understanding the Divorce Cycle  Mavis Maclean