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Volume 56 No 4 December 2005

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Social change

Gender, ethnicity, nationalism and localism

Books reviewed

Pages 663 - 681

Author Title Reviewer
Bauman, Z Europe: An Unfinished Adventure Keith Tester
Beck, Ulrich, Sznaider, Natan and Winter, Rainer Global America? The Cultural Consequences of Globalization Alastair Bonnett
Breen, Richard (ed) Social Mobility in Europe Robert L Miller
Christiansen, Flemming and Hedetoft, Ulf (eds) The Politics of Multiple Belonging: Ethnicity and Nationalism in Europe and East Asia Howard Wollman
Collins, Harry Gravity's Shadow: The Search for Gravitational Waves Matthew Stanley
Coomber, R and South, N (eds) Drug Use and Cultural Contexts 'Beyond the West': Tradition, Change and Post-Colonialism Cindy S J Fazey
Elliott, Anthony Social Theory Since Freud Bob Hinshelwood
Goodwin, Jeff and Jasper, James M Rethinking Social Movements: Structure, Meaning and Emotion Christopher Rootes
Hayward, K City Limits: Crime, Consumer Culture and the Urban Experience Alison Wakefield
Knowles, C Race and Social Analysis Shaminder Takhar
Gunaratnam, Y Researching 'Race' and Ethnicity: Methods, Knowledge and Power Shaminder Takhar
Pryke, M, Rose, G and Whatmore, S Using Social Theory: Thinking Through Research Paula Black
Robbins, Kevin and Webster, Frank The Virtual University? Knowledge, Markets, and Management Huw Morris
Skeggs, Beverley Class, Self and Culture Harriet Bradley
Stehr, N (ed) Biotechnology: Between Commerce and Civil Society Ilpo Helén
Weisner, T S (ed) Discovering Successful Pathways in Children's Development: Mixed Methods in the Study of Childhood and Family Life Steven Groarke