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Volume 56 No 2 June 2005

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Books reviewed

Pages 295-328

Author Title Reviewer
Alcock, P, Beatty, C, Fothergill, S, Macmillan, R and Yeandle, S Work to Welfare: How Men Become Detached From the Labour Market Martina Klett-Davies
Alexander, Victoria D Sociology of the Arts: Exploring Fine and Popular Forms Athena S Leoussi
Bainham, A, Lindley, B, Richards, M and Trinder, L (eds) Children, and Their Families. Contact, Rights and Welfare Alison Diduck
Bauman, Zygmunt Identity Anthony Elliott
Bellamy, Richard, Castiglione, Dario and Santoro, Emilio (eds) Lineages of European Citizenship: Rights, Belonging and Participation in Eleven Nation-States Gerard Delanty
Bengston, Vern L, Biblarz, Timothy J and Roberts, Robert E L How Families Still Matter : A Longitudinal Study of Youth in Two Generations Jacqueline Scott
Chu, Priscilla Pue Ho The Making of Women Entrepreneurs in Hong Kong Maria Jaschok
Coleman, Simon and Collins, Peter (eds) Religion, Identity and Change: Perspectives on Global Transformations David A Palmer
Etzioni, Amitai The Common Good Sarah Hale
Fenton, Steve and Bradley, Harriet (eds) Ethnicity and Economy: 'Race and Class' Revisited John Wrench
Hardy, M and Bryman, A Handbook of Data Analysis Steven Hope
Hawkins, Keith Law as Last Resort: Prosecution Decision-Making in a Regulatory Agency Colin Scott
Heaton, J Reworking Qualitative Data Ewen Speed
Ingham, Geoffrey The Nature of Money Nigel Dodd
Lewis, J Should We Worry About Family Change? The 2001 Joanne Goodman Lectures Martina Klett-Davies
Cunninham-Burley S and Jamieson L (eds) Families and the State - Changing Relationships Martina Klett-Davies
Mauthner, Melanie Sistering: Power and Change in Female Relationships Rebecca Tipper
Marvasti, A B Qualitative Research in Sociology Iliana Ortega Alcázar
Flick, U, von Kardoff, E and Steinke, I A Companion to Qualitative Research Iliana Ortega Alcázar
Nettleton, Sarah and Gustafsson, Ulla The Sociology of Health and Illness Reader Angus Bancroft
Olsen, Gregg M The Politics of the Welfare State: Canada, Sweden and the United States Norman Ginsburg
Pilcher, J and Whelehan, I 50 Key Concepts in Gender Studies Christina Hughes
Wharton, A The Sociology of Gender: An Introduction to Theory and Research Christina Hughes
Platt, Jennifer The British Sociological Association. A Sociological History John Eldridge
Ringer, F Max Weber: An Intellectual Biography Ian Varcoe
Roth, B Separate Roads to Feminism: Black, Chicana, and White Feminist Movements in America's Second Wave Faith Armitage
Stychin, C F Governing Sexuality: The Changing Politics of Citizenship and Law Reform Matthew Weait
Thomas, Helen and Ahmed, Jamilah (eds) Cultural Bodies: Ethnography and Theory Karen Throsby
Tombs, Steve and Whyte, Dave (eds) Unmasking the Crimes of the Powerful: Scrutinizing States and Corporations Catherine Hakim
Yeung, Henry Wai-chung Chinese Capitalism in a Global Era: Towards Hybrid Capitalism Shiuh-Shen Chien
Zhao, Dingxin The Power of Tiananmen: State-Society Relations and the 1989 Student Movement Norman Stockman